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Puffy hands are not my friends. Ice is my hands' friends. They feel much better now.

Too much work happening. The in-house massage therapist was just clucking over me. "You NEED to ice this."


The J's and I went supermarket shopping after we picked up Jet from school. We had a great dinner of a nice, juicy ribeye that John and I split between us, grill-roasted fingerling potatoes (Costco were selling them a while back), and grilled asparagus. It was a very yummy dinner.

Yesterday's dinner was more asparagus, baked tilapia fillets, and "yellow" Annie's shells and aged Wisconsin cheddar. It's felt odd to cook so often, as tired as I am from work, I usually don't go to the effort, but I'm tired of eating out, too. The meals were quite good. Jet actually ate the boxed mac and cheese! Wahhoo!

He also ate strawberries dipped in melted chocolate tonight. More fruit! AND after Easter, he's been eating hard boiled eggs with salt. Just like all the other kids, he despises the yolk, but hey, more fat-free protein, I'm all for that. So the doc was right, as he gets more into school, peer pressure will get him to eat more foods, and then he might even get curious as to exactly what it is that Mom and Dad are eating.

We'll see.

The hat from heck is actually going apiece tonight, as I hate UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I had to swap back to my 16" Addi Turbo's from the Addi Turbo DPs, as the metal DPs with the two color stranding was killing me. I'll go to my bamboo DPs after some of the decreases for the top, but so it is. The old Addi Turbo 16" don't have the bend in the needle that makes them easier to use, I'm tempted to just bend them as no one's going to buy these off of me. I hate small circs nearly enough to go to just dps around the edge, but not quite enough to go to the long metal ones, as loosely as I knit, they just slide right out from the hat or catch in unfortunate places.

I filled in my knitting geek code, in my profile, just because I'm obsessed at the moment. It's amusing to me. Hee.
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