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The Weekend

Friday we mostly just went to the library, had some lunch, came home again, and did stuff around the house, like repotting some plants, watching lots of cartoons, and I knitted like mad. It was, however, on my Dublamoussa, the big hat from heck. The thing is about as long as a sweater and only half as wide around, so it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would. The fine gauge didn't help make it faster. Jet and I did do jam croissants from the can. Isabel did them with Jet when she was here, and he's remembered in detail how to do them, so he instructed me on the fine art of spreading and rolling. Then he ate three of the eight, quite happily, so that was a good breakfast for him.

Saturday, I got up with Jet at 6:45, and we read the library books we'd gotten for him. Then we all went out to Lucille's for breakfast. Yum... Cajun breakfast, red beans with poached eggs and hollindaise sauce accompanied by grits and a HUGE biscuit. We added beignets and plenty of coffee. Happiness.

I had to nap when I got home, though. Then the boys went off on a bike ride to give John a haircut while I drove to Target and used a rain check we had and got myself some anklet socks. I had been thinking of knitting myself some more socks, but at $4 for 3 pairs, I couldn't even come close to that in cost, plus I've been obsessed with the crying sun and moon sweater and the dang hat.

I am finally done with the two-color design part of it and the whole top. I was starting the one-color inside of it when I was struck with some inspiration to "sign" the thing. I spent quite some time today trying to think of what would be appropriate to put in there and just ended up with "Because I was cold - PLR 2006". Hee. That's the fun of two-color knitting, one can knit slogans into the piece itself. I may well end up with something more poetic in the sun/moon sweater hem or sleeve. The Phoenix cardigan has poetry phrases. I might peer at my e.e. cummings to see what I can see.

Church was okay. The best part was the "world religions" class for the adult education. Today was Buddhism. Two weeks ago was Jainism. A few weeks before that was Hinduism. It's mostly Eastern "religions", most of which are actually non-theistic, but so it is. I also found out that the whole church is going on a year's Sabbath and all the Boards and Council aren't going to meet for a year. People are going to do what they feel called to do and the essential business of the church will get done, but most of the rest won't, and there certainly won't be monthly meetings just for the sake of meetings. This is going to be interesting.

Jet and I had a picnic lunch outside afterwards. There is nothing quite like sitting down, and having a little kid just sit on you in full confidence and trust that they'll have a seat on you, Mom, because you're comfy.

Then Macy and Tanner came over and played while John went off to try on shoes, and I napped on the couch, right where the kids are playing. Says something, now, about my ability to sleep that three shouting kids having a good time with stuff doesn't wake me up at all. But the moment one of them whined and the moment someone knocked on the door I was completely awake and ready to look at what was going on. They did good.

When John came home, he decided to ride the bike. We were thinking of going to the Rec. Center, but without the workout beforehand because they didn't have any babysitting. So Jet and I watched one of his tapes and then John came up and said that he was all stuffed up, still, so it might be a cold.

So we were brave and Jet and I packed up our swimming stuff, and told John to meet us when the pool closed. So Jet and I went to the Rec. Center and we swam and swam and swam, and he hasn't lost his touch at all in the pool and is very, very comfortable with floating on his back with his face out of the water. He also liked using his board, and he loved going down the giant tubes and swimming from the splash down to the stairs. He loved that so much we had to do it multiple times. Jet hasn't lost his love of the water, and I'm very, very glad.

And right when the lifeguards blew their whistles, John showed up and we headed for the showers.

Dinner was at Jet's favorite place: Souper Salad. It was quiet and good. I'm so glad that they now have garlic bread sticks, finally, some bread that isn't SWEET. Whew.

Jet got ready for bed at 8 and fell asleep extraordinarily fast. Yay for swimming!!

It's supposed to rain and get cold again tomorrow, so the tomato plants are inside. Amazingly enough, the upside-down cherry tomato plants are the ones that are doing the best of all my plants. After I'd squashed their root balls so thoroughly, I'm surprised; but all the other plants are mildly sunburnt from staying out too long. I wasn't as good about being gradual in their introduction to the Colorado sun, so having a few days inside to recover should be a good thing. They're gradually making a comeback. I have some very sturdy little seedlings in the bathroom/greenhouse at the moment, that should do really well when the time comes to actually plant outside (end of May). So it's going to be interesting.

I should tag this thing for tomatoes and gardening, to remind me that February is TOO SOON to start seeds. Even if Spring Fever has a hold of me. Though... some of the initial plants are doing just fine, and the cherry tomato plants in the topsy turvy are just happy as can be and THICK. So I'm generalizing a little at the too early. I guess it depends on what I'm going to do with them. I should remember, though, that the peat pots aren't as permeable as the newpaper pots were, and it makes a difference. I should, perhaps, stick to the newspaper pots, next year.
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