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This is still unfinished, but I'm still working on it madly, as I hate having unfinished objects lying around. It is long. It really is longer than a sweater would be, and about half as wide, around, so the project became much bigger than I thought it would be.

But I'm getting nearly done with it and got mad at it and decided to add a secret message to the liner. It says, 'Because I was cold -- PLR 2006' so I can remember when the monstrosity was made.

It's actually very, very warm, and very, very well constructed. The pattern has been a joy to work with and was sold, as a kit, by Schoolhouse Press. You actually push the whole bottom half of it into the top half, and then fold up a huge brim, so I get four layers of 2-yarn cloth at the ear level. It's going to be very nice when it gets back into the sub-zero weather again. Right now, though, it's something of a pain in the hands and shoulders. Hee.

Behind the cut is what the finished hat is supposed to look like on someone:

And to think that just a few months ago it looked like this:Faith
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