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Finished the hat last night.

Jet and Tanner were over playing when I got home, and John needed a little sanity time. So I took over, and made dinner while helping the boys negotiate their story. It was awfully like GM'ing a game with no rules, as the two kids are "pretending" that Thomas and Lady and their friends were in jail, catching each other, or running away. Jet was totally into "No one can catch Lady, she's *magic*." and Tanner wanting to up the tension ante by having bad things happen so that Thomas could rescue everyone. They finally settled on James with the bees chasing off the bad guys, when I just said, they had to figure out a middle ground between the stories. I was pleased that they did think of something else.

I made kathrynt's savory bread puddings but with ham, artichoke hearts, day old whole grain bread from the local grocery store, cheddar cheese, and some mildly sauteed onion. I added a splash of cream as we still have the bottle of whipping cream from the dairy. We have so much milk at the moment, I asked them to cancel Tuesday's delivery and the glass bottles keep things so nice and cold it's going to be fine, I think. I seasoned the mass with Penzey's Rocky Mountain seasoning, and it was quite good. We also have enough leftovers for a few lunches.

We all had dinner. I played with Jet and Thomas after dinner, to give John a bit more time until they did pajamas and story. I nursed Jet and then finally sat down to knit the last band of straight knitting and the final shaping of the liner to "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". Yum. I still love Mina.

It was, of course, nearly midnight when I finished knitting and I still had to block it as it is just a smidge too small for my head...

... and Jet woke up with a... mild potty emergency. We took care of it, and I fell asleep with him as he wanted me to lie down with him so he could sleep. So when I got up, I washed and blocked the hat over a mixing bowl with the same circumference as my head. That was funny.

But, of course I was in bed too late by then.
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