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Friday, Jet and I did so many things that when John asked him, after work, "What did you do?" Jet answered, "We did so many fun things I can't tell you which ones."

We dyed lots of wool yarn (Knitpick's Dye Your Own Sock yarn with a bunch of Kool-Aid® and Kroger drink mixes. Jet did yellow (Lemonaid) and orange (Orange). Tanner came at 10, when he was rained out from a jog-o-thon at school and he did purple (Grape) and red (strawberry). The colors were all startlingly intense. Then the boys played and then Macy came, and we did Dance Dance Revolution Max for a while. Then we build Thomas's Big Loader set. Then they did a fort, the wooden Thomas trains, paper cutting, and lots of Hot Wheels. At 1:30, they were all getting a bit too... fraught.... is a word I might use, and so I fed them all lunch and it got much calmer.

At 2:30 their mother called, and I sent them home. They went to the library, so we did, too, to return all of Jet's movies. I managed to get Freakenomics and Why? along with a few other books, and in the case of Freakenomics I'm very glad to be able to digest it without the ability to refer to it over and over again. :-)

Then John came home, and Jet and he played a bit while I used the rest of the drink mixes to paint some yarn as well in very tie-dye type colors. They turned out very bright indeed.

Jet asked to go to Outback, so we did, and he almost fell asleep on the way home, so we put him to bed. I stayed up and got through the nose of both the Sun and Moon. Hee.

Saturday was mildly less packed. We went into Boulder to see the Farmer's Market and then the McGuckin's tent sale. We bought lots of cool stuff, including a car fan for Jet, a sling pack for me, and a Camelbak® for John.

We ate at The Original Pancake House as it was within walking distance of McGuckin's and I had no desire to try and find parking AGAIN in Boulder. I am now deeply spoiled by the lack of dense population here in Colorado. The market was selling four inch high tomato plants for $2.50 to $5. I feel no guilt at selling my rather spindly plants for fifty cents anymore. I should remember next year that height is NOT everything, and that late March is plenty of time to start the seedlings. Of course... I have flowers now, and the plants there, for all that they were quite sturdy and well hardened, didn't have flowers, yet. Maybe I should get a grow light...

From there we hit the Grand Opening of Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wanted a cannister cream whipper, what with the fresh, local cream. But they didn't have any. Jet impulse bought some Floamy. He spent much of the afternoon sticking it to a pencil can.

I went to a Pampered Chef party. I will likely never go to one again. I hate stupid sales tactics, uninformed, single-task orientation, with a central attitude of "cooking is a pain and complicated and hard, let us help you make it as fast, simple, and gadgety as possible". Growl. I had to, very carefully, refrain from saying a few things in the face of the sales patter of a very nice lady trying to bring a second income to her home, and I bought a few things I'd been thinking of for quite a while before this to support her and the folks giving the party. No, I do NOT need a clear plastic tube to put ice cream between two cookies. Really. I don't.


We had a quick, simple dinner of spaghetti (made from all kinds of legumes and alternate grains) with tomato/basil sauce, real parm, baked-this-morning chibatta bread, and salad with avocados, tomatoes, and baselmic vinaigrette. It was nice, fast, and very tasty.

And then Jet wanted to go to sleep. But he decided he also wanted to hear six books, three from this week, three from next week... Hee.

So we read them, and he ended up falling asleep at his usual time.

Sunday was no better. It was Fifth Sunday, so I ended up making coffee for everyone. John taught a class. A kindergarten teacher who usually teaches the classes was helping him out and she commented that Jet is very much ready for Kindergarten, and, in fact, they might be a little slow for him. She also said he'd probably tell his teacher if they were too slow for him. *grin*

We stayed late as there were no snacks, so I had to clean up as well as make everything. Bah.

We had lunch and Jet requested the Rec. Center again, so we went. We found a couple of Jet's friends there as well, so we had a great time playing with them, swimming like mad for one hour. Then we washed up, hit the grocery store, and I blanched two and a half bunches of asparagus for a dinner party.

It was at a friend's house, and we got to explore their gorgeous place. They showed us lots of stuff, including a couple of art studios, a walk to a lake, and the birders in the party had fun showing us what the birds in the area were. Our hostess had a bird who had killed itself on one of her windows in her deep freeze!! With close-up examination, they were able to determine that it wa a shrike! Meep! Folks that know the Dan Simmon's stories will likely have the same brain stir I did when I said, "As small as that is, it's a pretty ferocious predator." The birders looked at me with a little more respect, as they recalled that it hangs prey on barbed wire and it's called The Butcher Bird for a reason.

It was a very fun dinner. Everyone tried to make it easier on Jet, the only child, and he appreciated the attention. He also fell asleep quite quickly when we did his bed ritual. With Jet I can clearly see the benefits of having a nightly ritual.

The exercise did me good. Relieved a slew of stress, along with being able to knit something light from the Kool-Aid® yarn. Jet picked specific color-ways and construction from what he'd dyed, so he's getting a pair of socks, toe-up as I've been wanting to try the technique and fit it to him as I go. It's impressive how closely I can get it to fit that way. The yarn is thick and bouncy and quite nice after a good wash. Eventhough it is lighter, easier, and faster than the big sweater, it's still been harder than I like on my hands. Given how much work I've been doing on the keyboard at work, it's not surprising. Just annoying. Grr.
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