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I have fallen to the geek side... 

Okay... the sheer tactile frugality of hefting 800 cards (some graphed, some colored, all with some recycled paper content) and a boxing system for $8 was just too much (my local Office Depot was having an index card sale). Plus all the too cute templates on the D*I*Y hipster page appealed WAAAY too much to my already Covey-contaminated geek-side.

It didn't hurt that I already have (from years ago) a blue leather Levenger shirt pocket briefcase and, okay, I had more money back then and less sense, 2150-a few used (yes, two 1000 cases and one sampler) of their 3x5 cards.  And I have a picture printer that can go pretty much all the way to the edge of a card which nearly never uses the black ink as quickly as the colored inks.  So I printed up a few things to try. 

I started by going overboard a bit and using my Circa system to create notebooks of various card types.  Jet loved his notebook of cards and was going around filling it with lists of movies he's seen, toys he loves, books he's read, etc. (yes, he gets that from me).  But the basically linear system was much harder for me to just spread out and sort, and continuously pulling all the rings out to get a big picture of what I needed to do was hard on the relatively fragile recycled content cards, so I finally ended up with the universal binder clip.

Lots of binder clips, actually.  My main priorities at work have a five-way conceptual split that was starting to give me headaches as they ramped up.  The sheer amount of stuff I had to keep track of has gotten so huge in the last week, that I finally had to stop and reorganize just to handle it and my old, calender-based Covey system was just not handling it.  I could tell because I was getting massively stressed.  So I dedicated a clip to each split, one for a parking lot, one for 'hey cool idea to cook', and I made my box the "done" pile with a marker for what's been put in my status and what hasn't.

I knew I might fall into a procrastination black-hole of fiddling with my new system.  So I just watched out for it, and found that the one 20-minute max task per card was excellent in my interrupt driven existence.  So I did that, and the pile of "done" cards has been even more satisfying than the initial heft.  Plus I got through one difficult sequence just these last two days using the system on seven different projects.
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