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Jetticisms of the Week

Jet and I were riding in the Eurovan. And Jet stated, out of the blue, "People's hands are made out of cleaner."

"Cleaner?" I ask.

"The stuff you spray on and then rub off to make something shiny and clean. That's cleaner."

"Oh." I say, mildly perplexed, "People's hands are made of that?"

"Yeah. Because when you put your lips on something, you can use your hand and rub it off and it gets 'All Clean'".

(ensuing Aggh! do not put your lips on anything that is not food lecture resulting in giggles and Jet putting his lips on the van window just to test his theory again...)

On the way home from the movie... I asked Jet, "Did you like your snack box?" As Jet was enthralled with his little movie tray box with a slot for his popcorn, pop, and a bit of Jolly Rancher candy rocks.


Realizing I'd done a yes-no question faux pas, I then ask, "What did you like about it?"


Jet's Sunday school teacher was so completely bemused when he came up with his that she remembered it and told it to me so that I could "put it in your book on what Jet says." Uhm. So here is Jet's version of the saying, which makes more sense if you (and I) know that I bought him a set of knitting looms when he asked for them because they were on sale and I had a 40% off coupon. They had four looms for $11.99, and I couldn't pass that up, as, if you look on-line, the darn things can cost up to $20 a pop at the low end, and $60 a pop at the higher end.

Anyway... Jet's been knitting with his lime-green loom on a "sweater" for himself using a thread-weight with bobble sparkly yarn called "Ruby Slipper" that is extremely impractical, but he won't have it any other way.  The yarn was 50% off this weekend, too, so I couldn't really object, either.

The quote entire:
"Your soul is where you connect to God, and God helps you not skip a stitch.  Because if you skip a stitch, you have to undo it all the way back to where you missed, and then redo it all again."

The teacher heard it as:
"Your soul is where God watches and helps you not drop a stitch.  Because if you drop a stitch, you have to unravel it all the way to the bottom, and then redo it all back up again."

Jet, when wrapping the yarn for the next round of knitting, would, sometimes forget to wrap a peg, and he would patiently undo it all and redo it.  He has dropped a couple of stitches, but he calls it "pulling both off the peg" and I've been the one that helps rescue the knitting when he does that (which is darn hard with bobbly yarn).  So it was easier for me to understand that he knew about skipping a stitch, or, as he said, "Not *dropping* it, where would it go?"
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