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A hot, busy day, today. 

There was about an inch of frozen snow on the ground less than a week ago, this morning, the thermometer attached to the east-facing side of our porch read, 100° F. Bah.

It was hot, but not that hot, I think it was in the mid-80's.  Clear and beautiful and sunny. I had stayed up late last night, so I was up late as well.  We headed off to IHOP, first thing, and Jet asked for a pancake with no chocolate chips and no cherries, which the bemused waitress complied with quite happily.

From there were hit the Longmont Farmer's Market.   I  found the Tamale Man from Hopi Bread Company and bought his direly expensive tamales, but they're soooooo good.  So it was worth it. Jet wanted a smoothie and he amused the lady making them by saying he didn't want a chunky, he wanted a smoothie.  Hee.  I wanted fresh spinach, so we went by the Pachamama Farm booth.

I was in my extremelly old Rad Dog Big Dogs shorts and a shirt, and the guy in the booth took one look at me and said, "Hey!  I was one of the guys that came up with those!" Turns out that in the 70's, he and his buddies were trying to take on some of the sports clothing guys and they found out that some of the rafters on a particular river were all called Big Dogs, so they decided to create a line of nylon shorts and make them really baggy and call them Big Dogs.  He even recognized the ones I had on, which were very old.  John's have worn out long ago, but I can still wear mine, even with the slightly ratty edges on the elastic. They're comfy and I like 'em.  They remind me of Fezzik, still, as we got into the clothing because of him.

Newfs.  They're everywhere.  It's funny but he was really amused by the fact that we knew that the dog on the clothing is not a St. Bernard, it's a Landseer Newf, because the Newfoundlands were used for water rescue on that same river.  

He's actually the main owner of the farm, it turns out.  His picture is on that website with his family.  I decided not to pay the $400 CSA fee, but did decide to just shop there whenever I can and when they have what I want.  We paid $3.50 for half a produce bag stuffed with spinach leaves that had been picked earlier this morning.  That's probably enough spinach for us to eat it for our salad for three or even four dinners. Or I can cook half of it down to use in a fresh shitaki butter. Yum.  I also bought 10 Walla Walla onion starts as I was stocking up the allum part of my vegetable garden, and they smelled like the big onions, kind of milky and sweet.  

When we got home, I planted the onions, and then planted some more spring onions/scallions.  Then I got called in and John and Jet had gone to a neighbor's yard sale and Jet found a GIANT powered Hot Wheels track and cars set.  The sticker said $10.  Jet asked the teenager selling the thing if he could have it for $6!  I could tell Jet's dad was along.  The teenager said, "Sure."  So Jet is now the proud owner of a battery powered Hot Wheels track that goes like blue blazes.  The boys set it up in the livingroom and Jet's been racing the cars all day on six C batteries.  I think the batteries cost nearly as much as the set.  Hee.

Thing is that Jet had been saving up stamps for ten Hot Wheels and a carrier (eventhough he has a HUGE vacuuming carrier that sucks up cars). They would have cost him twenty stamps/dollars to get, and he's now thrilled that he got a whole lot more for a whole lot less. That'll teach him something about how to spend his money. :-) It's a good thing.

After lunch, the boys went swimming at the newly opened neighborhood pool. It's summer, you can't fool me.

I putzed about with the computer, the garden, and ate Jet's leftovers as I wasn't in the mood for food, yet. I planted half a dozen rows of carrots, which I cursed myself for not seeing the packet say, "Plant two to four weeks before the last frost. They like cold weather." Next year I should remember that scallions, spinach, and carrots love the cold. Some of them I may even be able to plant in the fall and let them winter over.

I had a quiet afternoon, on the most part, though sweaty, with all the work in the sun. I was glad of the sunscreen I'd gotten on Friday. Nothing like 45 SPF.

All the big tomato plants are well hardened off, now, and I should move the ones I want to plant out in the garden out there, so they get the full effect of the all-day sun. Then I can really call them hardened off. With some support, they're doing fine even in the big winds here. The hanging cherry tomato plants still bemuse me, intensely, as they're doing just fine. The whole assembly sways in the wind, but I guess with the whole thing taking the force of it, the plants actually get less of the force than they might on the ground. With no supports, it's just hanging there, and I really wonder how they'll do in the long run. I guess we'll see.

My hands are all calloused now. It's interesting to realize that in less than a month, between the knitting and the gardening, my hands have hardened considerably.

When the boys came home from swimming, we all had some of Jet's chocolate cake and then went to the Budget Home Center, a local hardware store, and they bought Jet's new play set. I'd OKed it with John and he got the hardware and the lumber, and Jet dozed while I held him for the shopping part of the trip. He was pretty tired.

He woke up while everyone was loading wood into the van, which he enjoyed considerably.

Once home again, Jet demanded that we all work on it NOW. The trip had taken longer than we'd planned, so I was going like mad to get a decent dinner on the table. We ended up with teriyaki short ribs, grilled asparagus, mildly late rice, and a huge spinach salad. Yum. It was all good. Jet ate corn tortillas and salt, but he was happy with that and then several strawberries. Yum, strawberries!

John helped as well.

Then the two of them mowed the lawn together while I took my shower from the day in the garden. It is very nice to be clean again. My skin is already a shade darker today. *sigh*

Now they're getting Jet to bed. I may have a bit more chocolate cake for my dessert. Jet certainly makes good chocolate cake.
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