Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mother's Day

Was hot, sunny, beautiful and quite fun.

Church was running around a lot, as John and I were helping to fill in for the usual pre-school Sunday School Teacher, and they'd been teaching about sheep. So I brought in three fleeces, two white, one brown. One of the white ones was a fairly coarse fleece I'd bought for sock yarn, actually, so I'd been okay with all the kids handling it.

The other two fleeces were those of a mother (white) and her baby (brown/black sheeps fleece), which tied it all into the whole Mother's Day thing as well. The coarse fleece was good for demonstrating one of the reasons why shepherds keep sheep.

At first, when I dumped it out they were all like "EEEEWwwwww it's dirty!!!" It was still, mostly, in big mats that I'd gently soaked, rinsed, and let dry, so they'd kept most of their original structure and organization. So it looked like something that had just been cut off an animal, still. They all reacted to that reality by recoiling. But when I brought out a few mats that had simply been dyed in purple and yellow dyes, they grabbed handfuls of that eagerly, though it was no cleaner or dirtier.

Then, when I got out the carding cloth, they all lined up to have me make their handful of wool into something "clean" and fluffy. I carded and handed them fluff. Then a couple of the girls watched me as I spun the boys some yarn. Some of them wanted to do it themselves, some of them just wanted to watch me, and it was all okay. They could interact with it at whatever level they wanted, and that was just the thing after they'd sat still for someone else reading them a story and doing some flowers in pots for their moms.

That was fun.

We went home, had lunch, and I went grocery shopping. By myself. That was a really great Mother's Day present from the boys, who were happily engrossed in Jet's Hot Wheels purchase of the other day.

Hee. The things one values after kids.

Anyway... at 3 the three neighbor families all went to the neighborhood pool, and we swam and played and Jet was his usual fish self and swam everywhere without ever worrying about it the way the parents did as soon as they saw that he was on his own through much of the pool. He was as comfortable in the deep end as in the shallows, and never touched bottom anyway, so he was happy as anything.

After swimming, I took a shower while the boys putzed. Then all the neighbors plus some more met up for Margaritas, beers, and just sitting in the sun and talking. It was good, but a bit too much for me. Too much socializing, too much sugar in the drinks, and then I was too full for the Dinner that we'd planned for us. By 8 all the kids were starving cranky and tired...

... so I took off from the other parents. Jet cooked himself a corn dog and fries and he ate them all with a large amount of Fritos as well as eating half a dozen HUGE strawberries. I made the spinach pasta with salmon and asparagus in about half the amount that I'd originally intended, and John and I had enough room for that. That was good enough.

Jet kept himself awake for a reading of the Fifth book in the Captain Underpants series, but he was unconscious nearly as soon as he sat in my lap, afterward. I felt like that, too.

We're all a bit tired this morning from yesterday. I guess we need a little recovery time from our weekend. *grin*.

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