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Work is, as mildly expected, eating my hands again, so I am trying not to write on my days off, much. Even the dictation software takes some wrangling.

We did a ton of stuff over the very hot weekend, though, for me, it was mostly gardening and leg exercises just to keep circulation up. Digging and heavy work, as long as they don't inflame the tendons as much as they exercise the muscles, seemed to only help. But I spent a lot of time with ice packs on.

Jet went to Haley's birthday party at a very nice bowling alley and we all had a blast as he bowled with rails and a ball he could barely lift against his chest with both arms. Every roll was something of a victory. He even tied the high scores from the six-year-olds in his lane, though he was a good head shorter than all of them. That was pretty cool. It was great seeing Ray, Joan, Alex, and Haley again.

The one thing I really want to remember is that John finished building the big, wood playset this weekend and the kids were all over it. Then, late last night, in the last of the warm twilight the three of us were out in the backyard and John and I were talking while Jet was swinging. Jet was just pumping away happily, regular as clockwork, tick tick tick. Vicariously, I enjoyed his enjoyment of the motion, made for no reason other than itself. Ah, kids and summer.
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