Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I have proof.

My massage therapist was working on my very, very, very painful lower back, hip, and butt muscles last night and she said, "You know, I couldn't say this to very many people, but I know I can say this to you, but you have a really, really tight ass."

I laughed so hard it felt great.

The evidence was rather obvious on my part as it hurt like hell as she was working there. Damnit.

After she got things loosened up when I tried to stand up, afterward, it was nearly impossible. I had been all locked up to support things, and without those iron hard supports... well... I had to figure out how to balance again, and it was really weird.

I also had some stomach bug, viral, I think, or food poisoning, I'm not sure, but it wiped me out during most of the day and after the massage my body went into overdrive on fighting it. So I just went to bed as John was amiable, and I slept 12 hours last night. I feel a lot better today.

This morning, Jet said, "You're not grumpy. I can tell, you're laughing." :-) He's also looking forward to playing the Lego StarWars game with me. "I'll do the walking, you do the fighting. You like the fighting, right, Mom?" "Yeah. I do."

Yeah. I do.
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