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Summer Begins

The weekend was chock full of sunshine and way too many things to do.

The garden is doing the explosive first phase growth, where everything starts at nothing, and then goes BOOM into foot tall plants within the first week and it startles me and amazes me as the start session always does. Later it'll be growing just as fast, but with all the existing growth it won't look like as much. All the tomato plants are flowering spectacularly, and the topsy turvy cherry tomato plants are now twice as big as the planter itself. I suspect the plant will touch the ground even from its 20 foot high perch by the end of summer. We'll see. The bees love the plenty.

There was a finished climbing playset complete with water slide and water cannon, the Boulder Creek Fair, putting in a drip irrigation system, a viewing of MI3 by John and I while Jet was the "Money man" for a Tang and cookies stall with Tanner and Macy, a Jacob's Ladder caused a brush by the Bolder Boulder 10k race, two self-watering planters filled with dirt, water, and plants, lots and lots of sunshine, planted the fourth and final First Lady tomato plant, planted all the Green Zebras, a visit to Flat Irons Mall where the boys got Crocs in addition to what we'd gone there for, donuts, lots of coffee, a trip to Shuttles, Skeins, and Spindles, a graduation party for a neighbor of ours that went until 1 am, a BBQ, a skip on church for the first time in a while, a breakfast at Village Inn that was surprisingly good, a homemade baked pancake bigger than my head, a Costco run with resultant artichokes, and waaaay too much Lego Star Wars video game. Jet kept saying, "One more level, Mom, one more level!" and we got through all three Episodes, no problem, and I'm now going back to Be Perfect.

Uhm... not in exactly that order. :-)

What amuses me is that with that much going on I still feel overwhelmed at work even after all that at home.

Since nearly 1998 I thought I'd lost out on dreams. They slacked off significantly since the Chatsubo and Dragon's Inn days. With the pregnancy and subsequent lack of sleep I didn't think much of it. This last spring, I decided to try and catch up, finally, on sleep, to stop doing my habitual up until midnight or 1 and try and go to bed as soon as possible after Jet.

Since then I've started dreaming again. And since this weekend and the viewing of Mission Impossible 3 plus playing the Star Wars game and being, basically, the person running around killing off all the bad guys, plus the simple adrenal abuse I've been doing with my work schedule, and I'm dreaming in impossible missions again.

It's cool to know that I can get that back, and that it now only happens if I sleep enough and don't stay up too late. It didn't hurt that I found my Malakim pendant again from back then In Nomine had just come to the US, and it didn't hurt to find my .45 automatic shell in my jewelry box while looking for the pendant.

A reason to take care of myself.

Since the gut problems last Tuesday, I've now lost five pounds in the subsequent week, as the gut hasn't been all happy again until today. I've been drinking lots and lots of water, but we'll see if I get to keep it off.

Jet is amazing. He walked the whole trip around the Boulder Creek Festival and then up and down the Costco rows all in one trip. He ate pretty well afterward at the Bolder Boulder sign-up fair in downtown that same day. He wanted a hot dog, and we walked the length of the Pearl Street Mall to get him one, and he was so patient about it all I was very impressed.

On the Mall I found an All-Natural beef hamburger stand, where the guy cooked them right there, with just a bit of salt, a small, tender mound of grilled onions, and my choice of cheese. It was beautiful. It was just a quarter pound of grass fed beef but the edges were crisp from the griddle and the onions were steamed into it and the cheddar was melted all over it. He'd buttered the bun and grilled it gently until it was toasted. I added a small squirt of ketchup and mustard and that was it. Wow. The first bite, hot enough to burn my mouth, was so good it was amazing, rich and crisp and buttery and salty and sweet with caramelized onions and the softness of the bun and ... oh wow.

I don't eat many burgers anymore. Even when Jet and I go to MackyD's I usually get chicken or a salad or something; but wow... that burger was astonishingly good and worth doing once in a long while. Yum.

Jet also did great at the graduation party, he had two four-year-olds who were physically bigger than him, but his command of the English language and his ability to think through situations made him the ring leader. He had a blast, and they followed him and did exactly what he said for nearly the whole party. Hee. He loved it. He also did just fine staying up until about 10, and then he asked to go do bed, and I obliged quite happily. He was great, and has phase shifted just a bit with all the late nights and lazy mornings.

It was a good weekend, all in all.
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