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Wow! Cars!

Go see it!

Pixar has turned their unfailing ability to adore and deeply understand the gut feel of something on both NASCAR racing and the old Route 66 with their even handed understanding of human nature. It's sweet, nostaligic, screamingly funny, and ends up emotionally solid and satisfying. Wow. We loved the adult stuff (John died when someone yelled, "Freebird!" into a too-pregnant silence) and all the references. Jet loved the flash and sparkle and physical humor.

And now I want to go, some spring or winter, start in San Diego and then head east on Route 66 and see how far we go. Sleep in teepee cabins, eat diner food, and watch the sun rise on the road while gas prices still make it possible...

The racing bits made some old memories ache a bit. *sigh*

So it is, the best movies make me ache a little, think a little, and dream a little, too.

Jet adored it. He loved the... uhm... agriculturally inspired prank Mater and Lightening play. He is now also fascinated by driving backwards and lug nuts. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard at the words "Pit stop" as I did this time through. Yum.

And, oh, yeah, the credits were totally worth it for the SUV boot camp. I died laughing after having been a real Land Rover owner for a very, very long time.
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