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It's pretty disheartening, in the middle of June, to come home to a thermometer that cheerfully tells me the high for our backyard was 106° F. (41 C).


Made it nearly impossible to sleep until midnight as it was just so hot. I know, air conditioning exists, but on the second floor it's usually a lot easier to just open up the whole house and use the house fan, which tries to blow all the hot air out the top of the house and pull whatever cooler night air exists.

Jet didn't even fall asleep until 11. Ugh.

So I'm kind of bleary today.

Good news is that after all the effort of the last year, the Really Big Project is nearly done. Should be done Thursday morning, and indications look good that all 160 some-odd development groups did what needed to be done and did it pretty well, by all indications. So I feel pretty good about all the groundwork we did.

Garden good news is that I saw my very first green zebra tomato today! About fifty cent piece sized and striped! Hee. The cherry tomatoes are starting to go that yellow green just before red. We might see a ripe one before we go off on vacation! The First Ladies are fruiting, too, and the zucchini have nine inch long blossoms, now, and are really trying to compete with the sunflowers on height. It's pretty amazing to see a three-foot tall zucchini leaf. But I'm glad it's competing with the sunflowers rather than a tomato trying to compete. Yeesh.
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