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Friday Off

With the party on Saturday, our Friday off should have been as prep for the party, but we actually didn't do much related to that as work had a release party instead. Jet and I had cinnamon rolls and watched some cartoons and then John came home at 11 for us to head out.

We went to Gordon Bierche for lunch and then to the theater for a movie. The lunch was loud and boisterous and really nice. Jet had a root beer float to start, so wasn't that interested in his pizza, no surprise. We didn't get him a snack for the movie, but he was okay with that. We all went to see Cars again.

And I'm going to take back when I said in a comment on the opening weekend. I actually think Cars is an extremely strong Pixar movie for me. It had far more relevance and emotional ties for me than the Toy Stories or A Bug's Life ever had for me. Of course I grew up in Southern California, learned to drive in LA, and did the obligatory 3000 mile two week vacation every summer with my parents when I was a child. This movie touches on those old feelings, the sights, the sounds, the fact we nearly never got out of the car when we went traveling and it was good. Driving to enjoy the drive, not the 'getting there'. Cars are such a part of my life, and that intimate knowledge of cars is what this touches on. It's deeply, intensely American at a time when I really am, emotionally, trying to get a grip on why I might love being an American. It's been really hard, lately, but this gave me something to grab and hang onto.

Plus being older and so tired, gave me a deeper grasp of the emotions and reasons behind the Doc Hudson. And, gods, when the Hornet revved up something inside me finally turned back on again and just wept from the pain of it and the joy of it.

And, oh, the love of speed, of distance, of those vast open places that we have. That ability to just take a turn and go anywhere we want and end up finding ourselves in strange places. That grabbed deep and pulled hard at my knowledge of what the world is for me. And you know, I'm not sure I really care if it's marketable overseas. This movie spoke so deeply and eloquently to me, as I am, that I do love it nearly as much as The Incredibles and far more than any of the earlier movies they made. And maybe I and those like me will cheerfully make up for that lack of an overseas market. I don't know.

I do know that nearly everyone at Jet's party had seen it, even the ones that didn't have little kids anymore. That gear heads of all ages at the release party loved it, and nearly all were going to see it again with their families. Pixar's amazing and intense attention to the utmost detail shone even more with them. I think Lassitar said, when he was interviewed about this movie, that there were too many stupid car movies out there and this was not going to be a stupid car movie. He was certainly right about that.

After the movie we all went to Cold Stone and got too much ice cream and talked about the movie. It was fun. Jet didn't eat much ice cream either, but had a big bowl of noodles when he got home, which was likely better for him and certainly improved his mood.

Then we got into party gear, and got the place completely spic and span, the boys wired stuff outside, and we got the last grocery list together.

Saturday morning was hair cut, groceries, getting a ton of ice, and setting up extra shade and making sure everything was in place. Jet was so excited about the party that he kept asking how many hours it was until the party started. He started that on Friday and he told me, "I got to sleep at 8, so you have to wake me up at 2 so I don't miss the party at 3, right?" I told him that there would be a whole extra three in between now and then, so he didn't have to worry. He frowned a bit and then nodded.

Then he started insisting that he went to sleep at 7 and got up at 8, which is understandable given that it feels weird to say that you get up, numerically, before you went to sleep (going to bed at 8 and getting up at 7). That was fun.
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