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Bleah, sick

Sick, sick, sick.

I hate being sick enough to worry about breathing. The eye infection was a precursor to an upper respiratory thing that still has me sounding like I'm about to cough up a lung in the morning. I think I'm over the worst of it, but blah.

I'm glad I wasn't sick on my vacation. :-) I will say that. I'm also glad that I can work from home this morning and use my brain but not scare people at work. There have been a few folks at work that were scaring me, so I've learned from that.

Jet and John are out bike riding. John found an attachment where Jet can sit and pedal behind him on the bike, and they went nine miles yesterday and are out far longer today. Jet is very, very proud of being able to ride nine miles. That is very cool. So they're out riding and I'm working with my laptop in the sunshine, sucking up the warmth and enjoying the quiet time alone.

So that's kind of the good part about being sick. :-)

The bad part was spending nearly the whole weekend either napping or wishing I could nap and trying to breath around the various medications I was given by the nurse creature. The antibiotic eyedrops has me back in glasses and glasses and long hair are giving me frightening flashbacks to high school. So I've tied back the hair and am considering turning portions of it green or blue or something just to counteract the heebeejeebees. Given that my boss asked me, when I first joined up, when I was going to turn purple again, I think that there is no career-limiting factor to this move.

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