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Bah... Even More Sick

I had an impossible time sleeping last night because my cough just wouldn't stop. Using my inhaler made it worse because then I was buzzing and coughing. I used a cough suppressent and then I was still coughing.

So I ended up on a pad in the walk-in closet with the door shut so I wouldn't keep the husband awake and where I could be warm and not feel like every atom of humidity was being sucked from my body.

So today I was wan and light voiced and coughing on people at work. Hee. I walked to work and felt good enough to do so, but I sounded pretty terrible and by the end of the day I felt pretty terrible. Sigh. I still feel pretty terrible.

The cool thing was Jet keeps saying, "Mom! Mom! I could take care of you."


Someone called this morning, and they ended up saying, "Hey, don't talk, just get better." *beam*

I managed to find the expectorant with a cough suppressent so that should help with tonight.

Funnier thing is that tomorrow is bike to work day, so I'm going to bike to work and then bike to Jet's school to pick him up using the little following bike. It should be interesting to see if I can breath well enough.

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