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Yay! Sleep!

I tried the expectorant. I tried the drops. I tried the nasal stuff. In desperation I finally tried the asthma emergency inhaler, and that seemed to do something, but then I realized something else was going on.

Since the cold started with an eye infection I hadn't really been thinking of it as an upper respiratory tract infection. Plus, my nose was completely clear, so I never thought to use a decongestant, but I thought a bit around midnight when I was Still Awake and John had been snoring steadily for the last two hours, that I was getting some pretty severe post-nasal drip, so somewhere in there was generating something that was causing the coughs.

So I took two Pseudoephedrine HCL and felt the buzz and then, nearly instantaneously, was able to go to sleep because I stopped coughing, completely. Yeesh. Yay for really studying the cause and effect.

So I feel much better today. It didn't hurt to have the whole staff of senior directors (i.e. the peers of my boss) tell me and the team I'd worked with on this Really Huge Project tell us that we'd done an excellent, active job of managing the thing. Wow. I'm still flying and it's not just the Sudafed.

I have a really sleek bike jersey and spandex shorts for Bike to Work day today. *grin* Jet saw it this morning and said, "Wow, Mom, you look great! The pants are coool, Mom."

Definitely a better day. Thanks for all the support, I appreciated it, folks. Thanks.
Tags: self-esteem, sick

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