Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Glitter wand as Nostepinne

Glitter wand as Nostepinne
Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.
Members of the Horde gave me this magic wand for my birthday, once. It's a typical, lovely glitter wand with liquid in it and sloshy bits that sparkle and flow and float. It's cool.

When I found out about nostepinnes, I wondered if they would work for me. Since I already have a ballwinder, it seemed silly, to me at least, to spend money on the hand-version of the same thing. I wandered around the house trying to find something with the right heft, length, and thickness and happened upon this.

It works. The ball is nearly intimidatingly neat. I'm still amazed I can do that by hand without much fuss, and it came off the wand easily.d I'm now knitting off both ends for a pair of Two-At-A-Time socks.

Now I know what to pack for the trip along with my drop spindle and a few ounces of Superwash hand-dyed wool... Hee.
Tags: spinning, yarn
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