Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

We've Landed

After two eight-hour drive days and one four-hour drive day we've arrived, sane and healthy and I finally caught up on sleep after a three-hour nap and a full night's sleep. Two Super 8's, temperatures up to 100.

Jet did great and played the "Are we there yet?" game only a few times, and it was still clearly a game for him. Whew.

Mostly cheese and cracker lunches, and a straight shot up on I-25 and then across on I-90 and we got here to Bellevue at 1pm yesterday. And it's just 50° here in Bellevue. A very nice relief from both Colorado and the drive over. I'm actually working on the last bit of the body for the Sun/Moon sweater and it's comfortable to be under it. *grin*

We stopped in Billings, Montana, and Spokane, Washington, and I managed to visit Paradise Fibers in their warehouse in Spokane. That was wonderful and I now have plenty of spinning stuff for the trip, along with yarn for a few dozen socks after I finish John's sweater. Yes, I wanted it to be a knitting vacation. Luckily, Isabel has a quilt she wants to work on, so the two of us have been socializing nicely with work in our laps. :-)

Jet's happy as a clam, even with the pretty grueling drive. He loved swimming at the second Super 8, and a box of Nerds candies kept him occupied for a good hour and a half. I was impressed. He and I built nearly all of the paper airplanes in the Klutz paper airplane book, and he and I have been flying them at every rest stop for an excuse to run around. Jet loves picking "fingerberries" here, and has been eating like food is going out of style. He actually asked for extra cereal last night after dinner.

I'm actually able to download my pictures from my camera, so I might start posting with pictures when I figure out how to connect my laptop up. I might even just go to the local Tully's to stay up to date. I have complete entries for the two driving days, so they'll be backdated as I get them up.
Tags: 2006_roadtrip

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