Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Holidays

It's actually been a really nice holiday. A week and a half of just being home with John and Jet, with something social planned for pretty much every day, and the rest of the day to recover, play, or discover things. I really, really enjoyed the quiet and the time together with the guys.

It's been a while since we've had that much time to just be together as our own little family and I've been really, really glad of it.

We had a Christmas Eve service at a UCC church that felt very comfortable and the church was half filled with little kids so no one even noticed Jet yelling to be let down to play with the other kids. Christmas dinner was with the Goodells and it was fun and relaxing and Jet played for nine hours straight before falling dead asleep in his bed. Boxing Day brought a dinner with two other families that were neighbors, between the two of them they had nine kids and nine amazing delivery stories and even one kid who was born with an extra aorta wrapped around her trachea. Made me very thankful for a happy and healthy Jet. Singer showed up and went to dim sum with us on Thursday, and we got to show him our house, Jet, and everything. He loved it and he and I had tea together afterwards in the sunshine filled kitchen. That was fun. Friday was just to ourselves. Walt and Cathie arrived on Saturday, they let us see The Fellowship of the Ring on Sunday, and on Monday we went cross-country skiing in the mountains.

Yeah. Jet went skiing. We bought a kid backpack from REI and a snow suit that was on sale. It should fit him this year and next, as it has two inch letouts for both the arms and legs. It was warm. He kept pretty arm, but he looked like a scarecrow as he just held his arms straight out at the shoulder and he wouldn't even attempt to turn his head. He bounced a bit during the ski ride, with happy squawks and stuff. So Jet had a pretty good time until we started back down. The trail got really twisty and steep and John fell twice, both times on his butt, so he didn't spill Jet at all; but Jet really didn't like the falls, and with the second one he started protesting pretty loudly. I'd already taken off my skies and was walking out, so I just picked up John's skies as well and kept going. John used his poles to help his balance and Jet was much happier with the rhythm of walking. So that was good.

It was nice to get outside. Even though it was probably 5 degrees up there, and the wind really chilled one to the bone. In the trees there was less wind, and more snow, so we did okay. It was nice to be in trees again and the sunshine and the exercise all felt really good.

The hour and a half massage on New Years Day felt even better, though. Whew. I am very glad that I started the year that way.

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