Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

First Day On The Road

Today was the big push day. We finished the very last of the packing, which included the bedding and bathroom stuff that we used this morning, and then, at 9am, we hit the road.

Our route was very simple. Go North on I-25 until we got to I-90 and then head West until we reached Billings, where we had a reservation at a Hotel 8 for this evening. We ate at a mediocre local steak/casino (where the casino was a small 10x10 room in the corner of the huge restaurant), which we felt might be better than the chains around here, but really wasn't even as good, sadly, as the Texas Roadhouse or Outback.

In Colorado, most of it was just high plains, so flat as anything, as we got more and more north, the land rolled more and more, and the vistas that opened up over some of hill sets were just gorgeous. The Rockies all to the west were pretty awesome, and some of the valleys were dark and beautiful. When we got into Montana, a huge thunderstorm broke over us, lightning flashed all around us, and the rain pounded down. It was gorgeous. A great welcome, and the rain followed us, on and off, until we got to our hotel in Billings, Montana.

Jet only asked, once, if we were at the hotel. He was great. He colored, napped while I napped, had a good lunch, and then watched a movie while I drove. John drove the next shift and I did paper airplanes with Jet from the Klutz paper airplane book, they were fun to make from the provided paper and flew great. When we were finally able to stop, they flew easily across the room and probably would go even further if we had the room to throw them and tweak them properly.

The Hotel 8 is very nice, and we're watching Catwoman as it's kind of a fun watch. The water is good, there is a microwave and a refrigerator that we can put all our cooler stuff into, including a freezer for the cooler items. Sadly, there is no pool, but we knew that on the way in, otherwise we would be in it as it was along, hot drive, though not as hot as it could have been given the rain.

Yesterday was packing day, and a very long day of packing it was. We spent a few hours in the morning trying to find plain duffles, and finally found them at Gart Sport for less than twenty dollars apiece. The local Target is being replaced by a Super Target, so things were going for 30-50% off, including an Incredibles sleeping bag that Jet took to and persuaded us to keep. When we got home, we ate random stuff out of the fridge in an effort to empty it before we left. Then we watched World Cup. Yay! John fell asleep. Hee.

We were pretty tired. Dinner was hot dogs, yogurt, cherries, and left over macaroni and cheese. *grin* Sleeping was harder than I wanted it to be, but it worked out quite nicely once I wrote everything down that was in my head.

Our main plan was to just put everything on the dining room table that we wanted to go. I piled a lot of my knitting stuff there. We brought camping cooking stuff. Each of the three of us packed our own duffles. Jet let me count things for him, but he picked everything and he put everything he picked into his duffle. i was pretty impressed.

Both neighbors that were going to help with the garden came over and had fun with the little tour of the garden and my other planting areas. I asked them to try the nasturtiums, and they liked the peppery after taste. That was fun. It was surprising, though, how many things I do every morning for the garden, just the number of plants was kind of fun. The mid-west raised neighbor said that it reminded him of his childhood, where they had a full acre of vegetable garden. He liked being able to pick what he was going to eat.

After we were all done with everything, and the rain finally stopped, we went out into the garage and onto the driveway. There the boys lit fireworks. The little sparkly ones that are legal in the Longmont city borders, and then our neighbor teenager came home and wanted to show us one of his mortars. *grin* It went bang very, very nicely, but woke up our ex-military neighbor who had a midnight shift. Oops. He said it was okay, he'd just close the window. So we had a high show of explosives along with a little cardboard tank that scooted forward on some sparks and then shot little, colored sparks forwards. Hee. Jet loved them all.

That was fun. And an excellent way to close out the time at home.
Tags: 2006_roadtrip

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