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Paradise Fibers and a Swim and Good Food

We drove West, with a young man, and mostly just stayed on I-90 all the way to Spokane. Montana is big, huge, and Idaho was very short going east to west along the north end. Montana was mostly mountains and water. Idaho was not much different. Spokane was the first place where there were a few more trees for a bit.

We stopped for gas and rest stops and Jet and I chased paper airplanes so that he could stretch and run around a little. We didn't stop for lunch, just ate cheese and yogurt and crackers with fruit while in the car. So we made great time and got to Spokane at about 4pm.

Paradise Fibers is based in Spokane, they have a warehouse, and it turned out that their warehouse was a bare five minutes from our hotel! That was very cool indeed. They had a little boy there, and they were watching him while I was shown the various aisles of fibers that they had, so I meandered through and poked and looked and compared and touched and loved so much of what they had. I only bought, however, thirty dollars' worth of stuff. Some of the Winter Solstice and something green, yellowy and blues for Jet of the Rhapsody dyed tops and half a pound of the Barefoot blend (70/20/10 superwash/mohair/something artificial for strength), which I was going to dye with Kool-Aid when I get home, and/or use some of it for toes and heels while on the trip.

Before I was done, Jet and John came in as it was 100+ degrees outside, and it was mildly air conditioned where we were. John talked with the guy there for a while, as I finished up what I wanted to buy. I should probably have gotten a bit more of the alpaca, but I wanted to just play with what I have. The Fasset books have been a bit too provoking.

They were very, very nice, giving me nearly three ounces for the price of two, and basically making it so that I really do want to buy from them again. At fifty dollars for free shipping, it would be easy for me to fill that in no time. I just want to try out my purchases to see if I want more of those particular fiber blends.

When we got out, the hotel sign said it was 103 outside, so we went in, got our swim suits on and splashed into the hotel swimming pool. It was COLD! I was amazed at how cold it felt when we first got in and then when I'd swum about a bit, it really did feel far more comfortable. I was amazed by that as well. Jet had a blast, and paddled around quite happily for a good hour and a half. Even when everyone else had cleared out in order to eat dinner. We'd gained an hour, and we used it, but that did mean that by the time we were showered we were all ravenous.

After yesterday's dud of a restaurant we decided to go for something we were fairly sure we could count on, which was the Old Spaghetti Factory. I had my doubts when we saw the part of town it was in. Then the earth rumbled and an overhead train rumbled slowly by, the diesel engines causing quite the hum. Jet's eyes got big, and we saw the cars go steadily by. A great way to watch something while we waited the prerequisite 30 minutes. After that and a couple games of Frogger in the lounge by the bathrooms, we sat down to big plates of spaghetti. Both Jet and I had the browned butter and mizithra, as traditional for us, and John had red sauce. It was delicious, cost us less than a third of the other place, and we got dessert as well! Jet hovered up half a plate of spaghetti that was nearly bigger than mine, as he has a bowl and I just had a plate. Then he got about halfway through his ice cream and announced that he was full.

Since it was already past his bed time and that was an hour later than normal, even, by the time we got back to the hotel, he was ready for bed, and went right to sleep even though John had the TV on and I still had to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.

It was a nice room and the AC worked well, and at the last moment, I snagged the softer pillow that was on Jet's bed that he wasn't using. It was a lot less lumpy than the one I was using. Then, I started dreaming that I couldn't breath. Oops. It was a down pillow. After a few inhaler shots and trading pillows, I felt much better and went back to sleep.
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