Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Recuperating Day

I was kind of depressed today. Not because of the weather. It was gray and cloudy and chilly, which is exactly what I wanted.

But I think I'm just tired, today, and we spent a lot of time driving out in the Eastside and saw a ton of houses that... quite frankly, we couldn't afford at all. My eyes suck at the moment, as they're kind of in that in between state where they can't really wear contacts all day and the eyeglasses are making my ears and head ache. Bleh.

Plus I'm worried about a meeting I have to do for work on Friday and it's wearing at me in ways I don't want it to, but it still happens.

Plus, I can't find my Hero 329 and I suspect that I left it back a the last hotel or, even, at the Paradise fiber place and I'm grumpy about not having my favorite fountain pen to do post cards, letters, and other things with. That is making me sad. I might have to order a new one in order to really enjoy the bottle of ink I brought with me for the trip.

Finally, I had a hard time getting contact with any of the people I wanted to meet while we were here in the Northwet and it's really hard to call a lot of people and not get an answer as soon as I want.

The last is something of an introvert thing, I think. I am just finding the problem unbounded, I'm not writing down everything and everybody I want to visit so I'm not seeing the kind of progress I want to make. John pointed that out, so I'm filling in cards, now, just to see things get done.

Other than that things are great. :-) Isabel and George couldn't be better hosts. Jet loves his Miss Spider Uno game that I bought. He's winning a lot and dancing quite happily every time he wins. So he loves it, and it's a lot of fun playing with him now that he's figured out some of the basic strategies.

The meals here have been great, and I got to eat a deep fried bean and beef burrito, no problem. It was very satisfying.

Jet also got to pick raspberries, something he was looking forward to for quite some time, and Isabel and he got to go out and find the raspberries on the plants. Given how much he loved finding the peas on the vines yesterday, I think he'll like doing this. George got pictures of them, quite happily, as they picked.

My bed is comfortable, I have everything I need. Now I just need to settle into the fact that I don't have to get anywhere, and that, pretty soon, I'm going to be completely on vacation... hey! And I'm finally getting into real contact with folks. This will be better than I fear. I'll get less crazy, I hope.
Tags: 2006_roadtrip

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