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Tender Feet

A good day, today. I started by finally doing the last bit of work I had to do and I called a report to finish off the focal review period of last year. That was very useful. I also sent back my signed review to my manager, who needed it by the middle of the month, anyway. So all was good.

I was finally, really, truly on vacation. Given that I'd had a hard time sleeping last night due to this last meeting, I am feeling a lot better. It was a great conversation and covered enough that I can rest easy, now.

I finished in half an hour, which was good as the rest of the gang decided to go to a local school playground while I was busy. I was out of the office just in time to join the leading troops and carry Jet's bike down the really steep bits of Somerset road so that we could cross the busy street and then head down to the school. Jet walked, ran, and talked the whole way. John cheerfully kept up. Isabel caught up a little ways into it and George arrived at a steady jog that he continued up to where Jet was riding his bike merrily along the straight and level ways.

The playground at Sunset Elementary is enormous and updated and the three boys had a blast going through it and playing on and with nearly everything. John cheerfully pushed through everything Jet got through, and got up and down nearly every setup that Jet did. That was very good indeed.

And after two days of cold and gloom, the weather broke and we finally got the July weather we're used to here. 70's and sunny, 60's in the shade. Hee. I am still amazed. Isabel and I sat in the sun for a while and talked about gardening and vegetables and all kinds of other growing things. It was great to just talk about anything and everything.

Eventually the sun got too hot so we moved to the shade, but there were no good places to sit. The boys eventually got hot, too, and we headed back. Jet rode back, up hills and over dales, and even up the steep slope of Somerset Blvd. That was impressive. When he was done he was mildly subdued. But a good lunch later, and he was singing again and very, very impatient to take Granny and Grampa to see Cars.

Yes, it was his fourth time. Pirates was completely sold out, so John and I decided to just wander around the shopping complex. We hit Trader Joe's called our neighbor to ask him what he wanted us to bring back for him. Then we went to Barnes and Nobel and I bought a few Pratchett novels I haven't read, yet. It's a wonderful thing that he's so prolific. They had a limited manga selection so I couldn't pick up the latest Whistle! or Iron Wok Jan. Ah well. From there, we went back to the car and, for the first time in decades, we got in line to get gas. Costco's gas lines were pretty amazing, though the prices were pretty good, too. We often get a ten cent a gallon discount at King Soopers and this was just a bit better than even that. So that was excellent.

We got our gas and then found great parking in front of PCC, the Puget Sound co-op from a long time ago. They've upgraded to a new Whole Foods experience, and I was mildly put off by the high prices, but we got cold drinks, a few whole Earth magazines, and I bought a cannister of the Dagoba Xocolatl, thinking it would be a perfect camping drink for the adults of the group. Not your kids' cocoa packet.

From there we had to go back and hunt down another parking space remotely close to the theater. It was only after John stopped for a pedestrian that a car backed out in front of us. Good karma, that. So we parked, went into the theater and waited another twenty minutes or so and saw the first group out of the theater. We knew that Jet would have made them stay for the very final bit, as we've stayed for the final bit the last three times, and so they did. When they came out, Jet was glowing and Granny and Grampa said that, yes, indeed, it was a good move.
Then we walked across a business park and lake to go back to the Costco to get frozen nonfat yogurt from the concession stand outside. Hee. George loves that he can get two HUGE cups of ice cream for $2. We got two and shared among the five of us and that was plenty for everyone. Yum. It was especially good after the hot walk.

Then Jet asked for a ride on my shoulders, and we walked back to the car. By now, my feet were aching a bit.

When we got home, I decided we might as well make dinner for once, as Isabel had been cooking for us pretty steadily for a few days. So we talked with her about doing that, and John and I then went to QFC and bought some sockeye salmon. We also got a package of whole wheat noodles for Jet and ourselves, and some teriyaki sauce. The Yoshida's original, which is far cheaper here than in Colorado, surprisingly. I was bemused by that additional bit of difference.

So we broiled teriyaki salmon, cooked spaghetti and mixed it with the usual peanut sauce and I added cucumber and a bit of sweet pepper. John made a salad and we all ate. It wasn't a huge dinner, but everyone seemed very happy and full enough, especially after the ice cream interlude. Yay! John and I did dishes and Isabel and Jet and George played quite happily together. I thought I'd take a few minutes out for this and then I'll likely go back do doing either spinning or knitting or playing Uno with my cut-throat son.

Yay! Vacation!!
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