Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sore Foot Day

I'm finally on vacation.

I took half an hour this morning to lay to rest all the anxiety that I'd built up last night and this morning, and finally all the work beast is finally at rest. John spent a while getting my laptop to acknowledge the Mother Ship, and from there on I was able to do, slowly, everything that needed to be done in order to have one last phone call with someone at work.

It laid to rest the ghost of the unnamed co-worker, and armed my report with something concrete to work with, so that was all to the good. Plus I probably made my boss' day by delivering something before his deadline. So that was all good.

Plus I was done in just half an hour after the Appointed Hour.

So I was able to join the rest of the gang in a walk/ride down to Sunset School. Yee haw! I was so happy I could have busted as I walked down the steep hill holding Jet's little bike in one hand and a bottle of Talking Rain in the other. It was good to be free and just talk with Isabel while John and Jet trotted ahead of us, and to watched Jet cheerful pedal on the sidewalk and patiently wait up for the rest of us as John jogged on ahead and, eventually, George jogged up from behind us as he finished a phone called he'd waited on until after my fated meeting.

It was sunny. After the first days of gloom and chill, today was gorgeously arrayed in nothing but clear skies and sunshine. It felt so much better for the contrast. And we enjoyed every minute of being outdoors as we walked to the school, meandered past the freshly painted lines of the parking lot and then down to the playground. Isabel and I sat on a bench in the sunshine and talked about gardens and gardening and plants and care while the boys all ducked, ran, climbed, and played all over the equipment.

A good hour later, Jet happily tired from having explored all the possibilities, climbed the steep hill back to his bike and then biked the whole way back the house, even up the steep hill that i'd carried his bike up.

I was impressed.

He was pretty tired when we arrived, and a little cranky about eating things. He finally did eat all this cheese out of his sandwich, but he kept trying to sneak chips in addition to those that were in his sandwich. The rest of us built tuna fish sandwiches and ate.

After lunch we headed into Issaquah and the 1pm showings of Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Sadly, Pirates was sold out. George, Isabel, and Jet went to Cars, and we decided to just hang out, which proved to be harder on my feet and legs than I'd originally planned.

First stop was the Trader Joe's just across the parking lot, where I filled a hand basket to the point where I asked John to get me a cart. Hee. Then we carried all that back to the car. And then headed off to the Barnes and Nobles, were I tried to find Whistle! and Iron Wok Jan manga issues, but they were a bit too limited in their selections. But I did get some Pratchett I hadn't read, yet. Yay! We dumped those at the car, and then drove it over to the Costco and for the first time in decades, we sat in a line at the gas station. The Costco prices were well below $3 when most of the area is well over, which explains the lines. But it was relatively quick moving even with the place solid with cars, and John was quick in filling the tank.

We then found very empty spots in front of the Puget Co-op (PCC) and we wandered about. I bought the Dagoba Xocolat for camping with and some soft drinks for the heat. John found a few magazines he wanted to buy and so he did. Then we went back towards the theater and only after stopping for a ped did we gather enough good karma to deserve an excellent parking spot. We parked. We then went in the theater and just sat and talked for a good half hour before the movie let out. A lady coming out said that she hadn't seen a movie that good in a long time, she said that the kids all applauded when it ended, she seemed mildly stunned. She also said that some folks were staying for the animation during the credits, and I could just imagine Jet demanding that they stay until the very dead end and the bit there.


When they did come out, we left the car where it was, and walked back to Costco, the long way, across the lake and around the business complex. Jet finally asked for a shoulder ride, and he was pretty tired from the morning. So that was okay. We then got a treat. The outdoor concessions sell huge glasses of soft-serve nonfat frozen yogurt. They were big enough that we all got plenty to eat from just two $2 servings. Hee. George loved the bargain, and we just sat at a table and ate our cold treat in the shade and were very content.

We then walked all the way back to the car, and headed home. Isabel has been cooking every evening, so John and I offered to do dinner. My feet were sore by now, but we ended up going to the QFC, and I gingerly walked about to find the whole wheat spaghetti and the wild-caught Sockeye salmon and Yoshida's Original Sauce for half the price we find it at home. I bought it quite happily and we took it home. I cleaned and dried the fish and put it on foil on a cookie sheet, and then slathered it with teriyaki. Then i set the oven on low broil and set the fish under it.

I started a pot of water to boil. Then I mixed up the peanut sauce and cut cucumbers and sweet peppers for it and the salad. By then the salmon was more done than I expected, so I called John to get him to make the salad, and told folks that it was the five minute warning. The spaghetti finished cooking and I pulled Jet's first, and then rinsed the rest with cold water and then added it to the sauce and the cucumbers and we had cold peanut noodles with teriyaki salmon and salad. Just enough of it, too, as we had just the pound of fish. The ice cream had filled everyone up a bit, so the lighter dinner was appreciated by all. Raspberries made a great dessert, and then we were set for the evening.

John and I cleaned up and then I just sat and spun for a while. It was relaxing to do so when i was relaxed after finally finishing work. George and Isabel liked watching me work with the easily transportable spindle, and it was lots of fun to do it and just make yarn the way I wanted to. It's still a bit heavy for the superwash merino. I need to try it with the other fibers I bought in Spokane. Luckily, the spindle will fit easily in a bag with the other fibers and should be able to go camping, easily.

My feet are pretty sore from the 16,000+ steps I took today. It's fun having the pikachu count for me and now I know why I am so sore.
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