Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Leaving Bellevue

It was sad to leave Isabel and George. We'd been making their house our home for the last week and a half, so it was a bit like packing up and leaving home again. It was hard to do, too, as there was so much stuff spread out all around the house. I was amazed.

We brought things out to the car from about 8 am through to 11. There was just so much of it and most of it was packed up into modular bundles, but some of it was not. Jet got into the van nearly an hour before we left, and the grandparents climbed in with him and talked and fed him something of a snack for lunch. That was pretty cool.

Leaving time was around 11:30, and everyone got hugs and promises to see each other again, and we got everyone and everything in and buckled down and doors closed. We drove down the hill and my celphone rang. It was Isabel. We'd forgotten Jet's Hawaiian suits hung up in the closet. So we went back and got them from her. Then we went to Trader Joe's to fulfill our neighbor's requests and then to Uajamiya to fulfill mine. :-) The Takahashi Gold and the stuff they make that still has the germ but not the hull was really good. So I bought big bags of both. We'll eat them happily.

Then we headed north. The side trip we made was instead of hitting the 99 market in Lynnwood and the Trader Joe's up there. So we just went north, stopped at Mount Vernon for gas, and then kept going. That's when I realized I had a message on my celphone. It was Isabel, we'd left the three bottles of teriyaki sauce AND a cold pack in the freezer. I figure we should be able to have them priority mail them to us when we get home and it should stay "cool enough" with the cold pack.


So we got to David's and got to see all the kids and Mary and we had a gorgeous dinner of locally caught fish with ginger and garlic and scallions and cilantro and plenty of light soy and teriyaki sauce! :-) That was funny. It was accompanied by roasted potatoes and green beans with much onion and garlic goodness and a salad. So we ate well. Jet had his own macaroni and cheese and some bread. He loved it and happily bantered with the Big Kids when they ate.

When it was bedtime, Jet insisted on sleeping on the rock-hard wooden floor without a cushion. Huh. But he did it and only thumped around a few times while we were asleep, which was loud, but didn't seem to wake him up at all. We stayed up to talk with Mary and David for a while and that was very nice indeed. It's good to have other parents to talk to, especially since they're so far ahead of us in some ways.
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