Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Oyster Dinner

I learned how to actually, physically shuck an oyster! Woohoo!! I knew, conceptally, that one sticks a shucking knife into the joint, push it through and then detach the main muscle from the upper shell. But the conceptual description is nothing on the actual physical sensation of trying to basically put a knife into my hand and just not being able to do it until I figured out what it felt like to have the hinge finally give way.

The real trick is to get the hinge to part, not to shove that knife into the shell. So it got much faster and easier with a few tries, and then the shaving trick to get the muscle to detact got a lot easier as well. Yay! Practice!

And we had a bunch of raw oysters and gently cooked oysters (with garlic and Parmesian cheese) along with bread and salad for dinner. It was wonderful. They can actually buy oysters fresh from the oyster farm here, and you shuck 'em and know they're good and tight. So each one has that fruity canteloupe finish and just wow...

Restaurants in Colorado charge something close to $20 for six oysters. We had more than I can even count. So many I couldn't eat all that were available, which is nigh on unheard of, with a fresh, spicy ginger and horseradish laiden sauce. Yummy. Just wow. If we lived here, I could buy dozens of oysters on the cheap right out of the ocean. My gosh. I'd probably get a whole lot better at shucking them.

After dinner the teenagers all went on to do stuff in their lives, and we all went into town to go to Mallard's Ice Cream. They had astonishingly good flavors like Basil, Black Pepper Vanilla, Strawberry Rose, Chocolate Chai, and Super Vanilla. Jet and I actually went back for seconds. John and David had double scoops. So it was all fair. :-) Dewey the dog waited for us patiently while we ate ice cream. The walk around town was fun, too, we got to see the new Farmer's Market, and all the new construction in town. A bank that had burned and another derelict building were all newly constructed with a gleaming Starbucks and new apartments and offices. Wow. That was cool. The town really seems to be updated.

We had a good walk afterwards, too, and found a custom soap making shop and a brand new Cafe Adagio!! I don't think it's related to the one in Vancouver, but it might be? They were looking for baristas, though, which made me grin. John asked me, "You wanted to be a professional barista?" Mmmm... the possibilities....
Tags: 2006_roadtrip

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