Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Ramble of a Day

We spent most of today just wandering around to see more of town and more areas just to see what there was around.

We started by getting up a bit later than usual and then heading into town for breakfast at the Avenue Bakery in downtown. They had very tasty cinnamon rolls, cinnamon twists, cream cheese Danish, and mango scones. The lattes were nicely done, with good microfoam, and the atmosphere was laid back and comfortable.

From there we all headed out and around town, going to the Co-op, the "used organic food outlet", which is one of two places that does all the overstocks in the area and actually had quite the collection of organic foodstuffs. We also bought Glad storage containers as reusable bowls for camping. We may be able to find spots at Yellowstone on our way back, so we wanted bowls for cereal in the morning.

They were all fun places to go, and there's nothing that we can't get here that we can now get in Longmont or Boulder. Bellingham really reminds me of what Boulder was probably like before property prices went WAY up and the whole place yuppified.

We picked up Yuri on the way home, had a lunch of leftovers. My teriyaki lunch from yesterday fed both John and I. Jet elected to have cheese noodles, instead.

Then David went in a seperate car from us and we all went out to inspect the "Bohemian house". He's done a lot of work on houses, so he would have a much better idea as to the value and work that the house and garden would take. The house, sadly, was even more solid than I'd thought, so the concept of buying it to get it to tear down the house and just use the property was less likely, as the house was more valuable than just a throw away. Also, the property could not be sub-divided, so building something on part of it and keeping the house wouldn't work, either, unless it was kept as an outhouse to the main house. It really couldn't remain a dwelling, but to spend 300k on just the property and then another 250k on a house just was a bit too rich for my blood.

We had to rethink. David then ran off to do things with and for his kids. John and Jet and I headed north to the next town up, and decided that after living in Longmont, we really liked living in town, not 20 minutes away. Jet napped a bit.

Then we came home, sat a bit, and started a spaghetti dinner that David finished off. It was a great dinner, and Jet had seconds!! Woohoo.

John and I talked a bit about house possibilities, and he called Moody back to try and get to see two or three higher end houses tomorrow, so we can see what a difference another 100k will make. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes and in what kind of direction given our interests and desires. There's something to knowing all the options. Plenty to think about when we go.

We got our dessert of cookies and fruit together and headed down to Alger, together, and went to visit Mary on her lake house. We then spent the evening out on the dock, eating cherries, cookies, and drinking pop and wine and spitting cherry pits and stems out into the lake. Jet decided that that was fun enough to actually eat cherries for, and he had a lot of fruit. Yay for more fun fruit!!

Her house is really updated, and the lake is just beautiful. Friends of hers used her dock to go out onto the lake to fish a bit. The friend had great fly casting abilities, and he happily caught and released a big trout while we played. There were big fish jumping and breaching across the mirror surface of the lake. It was gorgeous. I miss being able to visit and see this much beautiful water surrounded by trees. It was great.
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