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Liralen Li

Getting Out of Town

It took us quite a while to get out of town, as we went out with David Moody to look at the next level up of housing. We really wanted to see if there was something that was in our price range that actually matched our real tastes at the moment, and luckily, there were entire neighborhoods that fit quite well. In fact, there were a few houses back down in the tier down that we figure it out this time around that we really wanted to see.

It made for a very intense morning, but it was felt much better to know that there were cool houses with good personality that were in neighborhoods with lots of kids and built to really suite kids. That was fun.

The day was really overcast, which was nice for looking at houses, as we knew that it would be more like this more often rather than less. We told him we really wanted to just look at two or three houses and he stuck to that better than I thought he could, as we went through four different neighborhoods to peer at the possibilities.

Right at noon, we got back to David's house and they weren't quite back yet, so we loaded up the van with all our stuff. This time I tried to be more thorough, but we were only here for three days instead of ten, so it was likely easier, and we'd limited ourselves as to where we had been in the house, so that was nice. David was nice and let us do all our laundry so that we could just go with all clean clothes as we had no idea how long it would take to get home.

It's been a great stay, and uncertain in duration and goals, but now I think we know that Bellingham can be nearly everything we really want from a place to live. The schools are good, the housing is just affordable enough and the housing appreciates very well here, the cuisine has enough of a spread, the seafood is fresh, and the character of the place is very pleasant and safe. The only thing we need to do some research on is how many flights we care about go in and out of the Bellingham airport. It's always possible to go down to Isabel and George's on the way to SeaTac, but it would be nice to be able to fly locally.

Since David was busy for the afternoon and for lunch, we decided to just go when they got back. Jet had such a great time with David that Jet actually drew a "list" of things he wanted to do with David when we next visit. That is very cool. They had a blast together riding bikes together down where it was flat. They went to the bakery for a snack, but they didn't have any more cinnamon twists, so Jet tried one of their ultimate cinnamon rolls. He was uncertain about the raisins and nuts, but he ate the whole outside layer.

When we were loaded up, Jet gave David a big hug good-bye. We did, too, and thanked him for helping us out so much and putting us up for the nights we were there. It was great to have a base to work from, and not spend much on pretty much anything.

Then we loaded up and headed out, down along I-5 to Washington State highway 20 and we used that to head east, east, and more east. We started out along the floor of the valley and then up the foothills and out into the mountains. The land started forested and wooded, with various dams along the water ways we were following, and gradually grew drier and drier and drier.

I fell asleep as I hadn't slept that well last night. Having to wake up at a certain time to meet David was hard on my brain when I knew I didn't have an alarm clock. Oddly enough, when I actually set up an alarm clock I wake up five minutes before the alarm goes off. So I slept in the car, and when I woke up we were deciding which way to go, and finally we headed for Chelan as John called a few hotels and we found the Apple Inn in the AAA book. It was good to get the reservation of one of the last two rooms for less than we pay at some of the Super 8's.

When we arrived, Jet wanted to jump into the pool, immediately. So we did. It was *cold* at first, but it warmed up and it was hot enough outside that it felt very good. We all showered up afterward and walked down a block to the Apple Cup, which was a nice little diner, that was fast, had good food, and an excellent apple crisp dessert. Yum. So we ate up, walked back and John paid the $10 deposit for the cable for the high speed Internet connection and here I am. :-)
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