Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Running Home

I got up before Jet, which is very unusual. I was all dressed and off to the restrooms to put myself together, when I got back, Jet was just up and getting into his clothing. We had a cold cereal breakfast, and gradually put more and more stuff into the van and ended up with nothing in the camp site and everything packed up and ready to go.

We went out the south entrance, through the Grand Tetons, and then headed on a diagonal down to 80. Somewhere in the middle of somewhere, we found a Dairyland burger and ice cream joint with "cheesewheels", which, amazingly enough, were cheeseburger patties that were breaded and deep fried! Ee! We just had hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes, which were very good. It's been a long time since I had a hot fudge milk shake small enough to not make me feel like I was killing myself to drink it all. Jet enjoyed his lemonade and grilled cheese sandwich.

I did some of the driving, and had no more two-lane road adventures, though I did pass a few folks. I did, however, see one example of an insane Californian who passed everyone and everything even on double yellows who nearly head-on'ed into someone and then kept up the insanity. I was glad they were well away from me so quickly.

When I wasn't driving I worked on John's sun/moon sweater. I actually worked on the dark sleeve and finished it and started the cuff of the yellow sleeve while John drove. I-80 proved smooth enough, and I-25 was insanely congested, but straight and smooth, so it was easy for me to knit while Jet watched Finding Nemo and the extras for it and for The Incredibles. We got into some thunderstorms in Montana and then in Colorado, again.

Much of our route was through the Painted Valleys which were beautiful, all the colors I normally associate with the Southwest or with Utah were all here, which was a very different view of Montana than I normally got when driving through it. It was a wonderful alternative to the wasteland approach by I-25 and I-90.

We got home late, around 7:30, and stopped at the Souper Salad for dinner, and closed the place down at 8. We had a good dinner, though, as we knew there was nothing at home. When we got home, John turned on the water heater, and the house was so hot it was crazy. It wasn't much cooler outside, but we opened up all the windows, turned on the attic fan and let it go. Everyone had a shower and cooled off by drying off and running around in our underwear as we gradually unpacked the stuff we were using the most.

It was good to be home. So good that Jet was exploring the mountain of mail, his room, the basement, and everything else. He was so happy just sitting and poking at His Stuff. He got a Lego catalog and wanted, immediately, to buy something out of it, but after counting his money, he needed four more stamps, so he thought of all the ways he could get them. I was happy, too. Happy to finally be where things were ours and just to be still again. The garden had survived and thrived quite nicely, on the most part, and there was a spillage of the Green Zebra plants onto a bench, which I was sad to see; but everything seemed remarkably alive and happy, though. I was impressed by that. The hanging cherry tomato seemed a bit thin; but all the dead stuff had been pulled out of it, which was really nice, and there were ripe cherry tomatoes all over it. Some had been, clearly, picked, which was great. The zucchini plant had one medium sized squash on it, but, clearly, folks had been eating off it, too, which was cool. I love supplying the neighbors when they were doing a lot of the work.

I'm so glad we're home. I'll see if I can sleep tonight, as it's just so hot. Whoof. I'm also completely amazed at the Sheer Amount of stuff we bought home with us. Lots of great food from the Northwest, and I'm going to have fun enjoying it.
Tags: 2006_roadtrip

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