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A Red Lorakeet

A Red Lorakeet
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This is a red lorakeet that was unlike most of the other lorakeets I'd ever seen. We went to the Denver zoo on the 28th when it was 102 here. WAY too hot. We went through probably a gallon and a half of ice water, lemonaid, and other drinks while we were there. The great good thing was that the quart+ cup was refillable for a third the price, and for FREE if we got ice water. I loved that.

Jet loved the whole thing, but really enjoyed feeding the lorakeets again. He'd done it in San Diego, so remembered how to entice the birds down and get them to eat from the cup. He loved that the lapped the liquid from the cup quite happily and was fascinated by their black tongues.

The elephants, seals, otters, and the feeding lions were all big hits. A restaurant supply truck had spilled a load of lamb, which was still entirely edible, but once it hit the pavement, it couldn't be consumed by humans, so the zoo's lions and hyenas and wild dog population got quite the treat.
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