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I'm Baaack...

... and it's interesting how many people have said "Welcome back." Implying that they noticed, not only that I was gone, but that they were happy to see me back. Did a lot to salve my heart. Plus I had a quick working session with one of my reports, and that went really well, which helped immensely as well.

Work has been surprisingly good. The things I do were actually very enjoyable, and I'm going to have a good conversation with my boss tomorrow about things that really matter to the company and that's always a motivator to me. Folks are asking me to do stuff I know that I can do and will make a difference in how they do things and how much work they can apply to other things. The usual stuff. I took a really late lunch (2:15-3) to ride my bike home and peek in at Tanner's birthday party. John and Jet were having a blast there. Today was Dean's day off, so he and Mikayla were there, too. So it was cool to drop by to say hello.

Yesterday we did power shopping for Jet's school supplies and got them for half the price of the ready-made packs. We also did a little shopping for other things, got home, and had lunch. Once lunch was eaten, we played for a while and then went to the pool from 2-4. From there Mikayla and Dean, who had met us at the pool, went with us to see Cars yet again. Hee. Turns out that Dean's grandfather owned a Hudson Hornet, and used to drive it from the passenger seat in order to deliver mail with it on a rural mail route. I was impressed.

Dinner was Abo's right in the plaza with the movie theater, and by the time we went home Jet was ready to just fall asleep.

Sunday was the church's ice cream social, Tonya, her kids, John, Jet, and I made ice cream the night before. This time I got the sugar levels right, and it tasted great. Plus there was enough sugar to get the ice crystals small enough to make it all feel very creamy. That was good. Then everyone went home, and then into the pool. I have never seen that many people in the neighborhood pool at once. It was a little scary.

Then we had the big, blow-out, Three Backyard BBQ. Everyone ended up congregating in Dean's yard, as that was in the middle. I made huge billows of smoke as I grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and ten pounds of cross-cut short ribs. It was too many for the size party it was, but everyone appreciated them, and Dean really appreciated the leftovers. *grin*

That went until nearly 10 and all the kids had been so active, they all passed out afterward.

Saturday we made the ice cream, we shopped a little to prep, and I did some food prep. John napped. Jet and I got reacquainted with the PS2 game system and played a lot. Hee. We also rented some movies from Blockbuster, but only saw one.

In the morning, while doing errands, we stopped by the library. John went up to check out some books while Jet marched to the kids desk with his paw print record of all the books he'd been reading. He walked right up to the desk and talked with the librarian there for a good ten minutes while I got waylaid by a co-worker from work who wondered how John was doing while retired. Uhm... we're on vacation still, sorry...

When I went up behind Jet, and the lady rewarded him with all the certificates, coupons, and a book (Jet was delighted, "I got a BOOK reward for reading books! How cool!"), Jet had me hold everything while he picked his toys. The lady looked at me and asked, "Is he six?" "He's five." "Ah... going to kindergarten this fall?" "Yup." "Wow... they're not going to know what hit them..."


Friday was the zoo. WAY too hot, but it was worthwhile doing while we were home.

Thursday was the last day John and I had alone, and we mostly spent the day completely alone. I'd spent the last couple of days going through Pirates of the Caribbean nearly every way possible. Including the Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski commentary. I also did the same thing with Spirited Away going through the majority of Miyazaki's original artwork in relationship to the movie itself.

Movies. I've always loved story telling and many of the stories I've written in the past have been extremely visual. If I didn't have to work for gain... I might go back to school for computer animation, and/or the coding thereof. My technical background is solid, the drawing part is less so, but what's always fascinated me about Pixar and Miyazaki has been the utter attention to detail, character development and depth, and, with Pixar, the absolute value of the plot. It's one of those things that fascinates me. And being able to even make my own movies (the extras of Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Robert Rodriguez's autobiography have shown me it's well within reach...) intrigues me if I had the time. I guess I might, in the nearer terms rather than the further...

Wednesday and Tuesday we struggled to get my garden back on-line and I think it all worked out. John patched up the hose for my garden, and it's all just growing away like mad. I fed everything and should probably do it again, now. The plants get a lot stronger if I do it regularly. We had a dinner of the zucchini, beans, and other things, and it was great.
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