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The county fair is in town, and we spent our evening there at a terrible singing "talent" contest, where most of the participants couldn't even hold the right notes for the songs. It was... sad. But our neighbor ended with a very Styxian medley and it was okay. I did get fair food for dinner, which wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped it would be, but so it is. Jet did get to pet the farm animals in the petting zoo, and he washed his hands quite thoroughly after.

The rain started as soon as the singing finished, and we dashed into the show hall to use the restrooms in there. Then we wandered about the hall for a bit, peering at everything. From there we made the dash to the animal shelters, and the rain beat on the tin roof as we wandered from pen to pen, peering at pigs, cattle, and horses. The horses made me sneeze and wheeze and by then it was nearly 10 anyway, so we headed home in the rain.

The rain was good. The parking ticket was not. Sigh. We'd parked in the shade as it had started so hot it was crazy, but got ticketed for being under a tree. Sigh. Plus the horses really got my asthma going so I had to use the inhaler and now I'm still buzzing. Hmph. So not a great evening, all in all.

I should go to sleep.

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