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Weekends are now three-day affairs which we're starting to think about taking advantage of next week. But, for this week we did much as we did last week, which is do a bunch of stuff around the house (maintenance of the garden, strip and paint the deck, clean all the things that need cleaning, and stuff like that), some grocery shopping (at the Longmont and Boulder farmers' markets), go to church to do coffee, and play.

Jet's duty is the last one. :-) Between Mikayla and the other kids in the neighborhood and at church he had a lot to get done. And with the last week being a whole week of doing school and then Vacation Bible School, he was a really tired camper. He slept in on Friday and Saturday and is still kind of stuffed up a little and sleepy. He might be fighting off a cold or something, but it might also be allergies from the dust being kicked up by the construction across the street. Bleh.

I did some spinning. Sunday's become something of a pattern, with church in the morning, and then some swimming or playing in the afternoon while I get to spin, read, or write or something. In the evening, we make dinner and feed Dean and he brings something for the kids and ourselves. So that works out nicely. A bit of social time and he gets a solid dinner with company, and it's good. I have more fun cooking for more people, and none of the stress of having a whole party at the house. *grin* That's good, all in all.

Of course, he'd just done a triathelon in the morning, and Mikayla had done the Boulder kids' triathelon the day before, so he was very glad for the food he didn't have to cook himself. It's good to have a guest that appreciates the work.

One other cool thing has been Alton Brown's "Feasting on Asphalt", which surprised me as it's just a four-part series, but it's AB all the way. I love his take on food. While I have gone to a few of the Food Network recommended restaurants, on the most part I've found those places to be uninspired or just, in the case of one place in Portland, to just be sad. Popular enough for people to write into a TV network about a restaurant doesn't always equate to *good*. But I trust AB's Southern tastes, and know how he shades from his recipes (salty as heck, but oooo that technique...) and his commentary on the American Iron Chef. He loves his history and trivia, and I always learn something from him. And his newest show really lives up to his style and integrity to food and the people that cook it. It's very cool.

All in all, we had a good, quiet, restful weekend.
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