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We did a quick roadtrip down the Colorado Springs for just the weekend. It is only an hour and a half from here to there, but it seems an entirely different world.

We went on top of the world:
On Top of the World

Deep underground:
Don't Have to Duck

And then strolled through the Beer Garden of the Gods:
Beer Garden of the Gods

We took the cog railway to the top of Pike's Peak and it surprised the the heck out of us and started to thundersnow while we were upt here, this after 90+ degree heat at the station we caught the train.

The Cave of the Winds was a complete tourist trap that still had a really beautiful cave at the bottom of all the tinsel and fancy talk. Jet really loved the tunnels were he could walk upright while the rest of us had to bend way down to not get our head whacked.

Turns out that the Garden of the Gods was, in the original conversation that named the area, actually refered to as "Hey, this would make a great beer garden..." followed by, "... worthy of the gods!" So it really should be "Beer Garden of the Gods" not the more pretencious but possibly more accurate "Garden of the Gods."

We cheerfully stayed at a Super 8, swam every day but for the day we swam twice, and got some sleep. Now I'm ready for more sleep.

The biggest thing for Jet, though, was finding, at two different Targets, all of the Lego Creator Pods. He now has all four for the stamps that he managed to save before the trip and he loves them all to pieces. It's amazing how much he likes them.
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