Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Difference between two-ply and Navajo ply

The top is a two-ply from the roving that I took a picture of earlier this summer. I tried, very hard, to take the roving, split it in the middle and get the singles to match up in the two-ply. But it didn't work very well. The colors are muddied and muddled a bit and the yarn is actually very fuzzy.

The bottom skein uses exactly the same roving, but instead of trying to match up two plies, I took a single skinnier ply and plied it with itself using big loops into a three-ply yarn. The looping back on itself is called Navajo plying and when I have big chunks of color in the roving and I want to preserve those big color changes and keep the colors clear this was, very clearly, the way to go.

The first looks like just Autumn colors, the second looks like the extraordinarily vibrant colors I bought the roving for.
Tags: spinning, yarn

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