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More Mild Yarn Madness

One of the wishlist items at Jet's kindergarten was labelled "Yarn". I guess they wanted it for crafts and other things, and it's been quite some time since I cleaned up my stash.

So I went around with a HUGE shopping bag from Paradise Fibers and started throwing things in. Anything I'd spun as a one-off just to try something out, things I had no project plan for, things that I knew I'd never want to knit or deal with again, the last bits from long ago projects, some bits were even from garments that were worn out and long gone. I was bemused by that. Tag end balls from gifts I'd given away, and hanks and hanks of badly spun worsted weight Romney when I thought that all that was needed was a thick diameter and never thought about wear before.

I even threw in a ball of really badly, badly prepared brown Ramboullet fleece I'd bought on a whim at the Boulder Farmer's Market, the staple turned out to be half an inch long and it was matted with all kinds of hay, grass, and the super-fine stuff was felting just from the summer heat. But it looked pretty, smelled like sheep, and was in big, fat ropey top. I figured they might be able to use it for doll hair or something.

I filled the bag. John took it to the school when he took Jet's school supplies, and the teachers there were very, very happy to get the bag. They loved the variety of colors, textures, and preps. I was happy they wanted it at all. So I now have a lot more room for a lot more yarn. Hee.

So, yes. Jet's going to Kindergarten tomorrow. I doubt that I will be as intrepid as silkiemom and take pictures of Jet getting on the bus and then race the bus to school to get pictures of him coming off it. We did do both open houses, just so Jet could see the place and know where he was supposed to go and talk to the teacher. We even asked him to take us to where he was supposed to be from the place the bus would drop him off and he went flawlessly. He knows his teacher's name and where the room is and he happily helped us dictate our note to him to be read to him by the teacher on his first day.

I don't remember doing any of this my first day of kindergarten. But then I don't remember kindergarten at all, other than what my teacher looked like and the boxes of milk we got for snack.
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