Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Project Qualms

So the same lady that designed the Sun/Moon sweater also designed a sweater that has a Phoenix on it, with flames all around the body and a mirror image head on both sides. It's done as a pull over in a flame colorway and in a very elegant black and gray colorway on a cardigan. I've asked the online yarn shop for what it would cost to do the cardigan in the flame colorway in the Jameson and Smith classical Shetland wools and it's nigh on $100 for just the yarn and shipping.

I will admit that I'm very tempted to just get black wool and some of the flame colorway wools and spin my own for less than $40. It would be so strange to pay $100 in order to *knit* the sweater; however... looking at some listings of multi-colored designer sweaters, they're in the $400 range on their own, so it may well be worth doing. Still... it certainly would blow out of the water my baseline instinct of "knitting is cheap".
Tags: knitting

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