Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


We had a fun weekend.

Jet stood up, without any support, for a count of ten!!

Jet bit my nose!! I was just holding him, and trying to read e-mail, and he reached forward and bit my nose with his shiny new teeth, lightly. Enough to get a reaction at which he crowed and bounced. Humph. I think he was jealous of the e-mail, but I could be entirely wrong.

Jet bit everything. He bit the heads off goldfish crackers before eating them, he bit wafers, he bit his toys, he bit my plant stand, he gnawed the three crayons they gave him at Outback when we went out for dinner, he bit the brass supports on the front door, he bit his chew toys and enjoyed them a lot, and he bit my finger whenever it got near enough for him to bite it. Not hard. It's more like a puppy trying to figure out how jaw pressure works and calibrating biting levels.

John and I did a Babies R Us run on Saturday, and got a couple of things. My playpen is now much bigger, as we added a gate at the top of the stairs so I can actually leave the door to the office open and Jet can crawl around upstairs, peer over the balcony at anyone in the kitchen, and explore both his room and his bathroom. The portable play pen is now placed where it protects all the cords of all the machines upstairs. That's proven useful.

Stocked up at the grocery store. Ran around, went home, John maintained the car and I wrote up my regular journal and wrapped up last year. We had dinner at the Outback, which was pretty fun. Yesterday was mostly being home and doing journal stuff, and playing around the house, and following Jet around a bit as he explored his new, larger 'play pen'. I think he'll be content while I'm working, now. Or more so. He really, loved watching John make lunch downstairs from his new perspective.

I'm still mildly amazed that Jet hasn't razed the bookshelves in his room. Jet's also been really careful with my paperbacks when he finds them in the living room. He riffles the pages, opens and closes the covers, and hasn't ripped them the way he ripped a page out of the yellow pages the first time he got his hands on that book. He's been very gentle with them, and I've been very impressed.

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