Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Second Day

The second time of sending Jet off on the bus was not nearly as monumental as the first. Plus, he not only had Chris, but he got Tanner as well to be with on the bus and going to school with on the bus. Macy and Tonya and Peter came as well to see Tanner off, and it was a party until the bus actually came. *grin* That was pretty fun. John has his OUR Center stint on Tuesday mornings, now, as that's when Jet's in school and the teacher has asked for volunteers to not start until mid-September or October, it's too distracting to have the parents in the classroom until after they've established their routine with the teacher.

Jet did ride the bus home yesterday afternoon. John stepped out the garage at 3:45 as the bus isn't really supposed to arrive until 3:55, but as he came out of the house, the bus drove by him. Oops. So he finished closing the garage door and then sprinted for the stop. Hee. Chris had his head out the window and waved at the running John. That was pretty funny for all involved.

The kids had a "go to everyone's house" evening last night and they played everywhere. Jet had some cheese pizza and bolted for the herd. We had the ravioli I'd bought from the Farmer's Market on Saturday. It was good.

The weather has broken and cooled off significantly from before. There's been rain every weekend for the last month! Which has been kind of cool. It's now definitely fall sliding into Winter, with a few bursts of Summer in unexpected times.
Tags: fall, jet, school

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