Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sick Again!

I know, Willyum will be grumpy with me again, but he's sick, too, so bleh.

What's worst is that I'm dreaming of six different designs and knitting/spinning/felting projects in my sleep. I even unearthed two fleeces from the basement and am contemplating renting a carding machine for a weekend to just power through them. Baahh.

I may as well list everything in my knitting brain here:
- Mikayla's Socks (in the blue, green, yellow, and purple Kool-Aid colorway)
- Macy's Socks (in something fiery, maybe the two-ply mistake of Great Balls of Fire, as she'll outgrow them before they wear out)
- Jet's socks (in Starry Night which I have spun already)
- Dean's red rocks socks
- John's traditional Scottish Kilt socks (from the Folk Socks)
- Cathie's Autumn Clapotis from the yarn I spun from the hand-dyed wool that's kind of autumny but also really beautifully bold when I do it three-ply
- The simple shrug from the Craft Yarn Council of America using Lagoon Sparkles from KnitPicks. FOR ME!
- The Phoenix sweater for ME!
- A felted backpack as an experiment with some medium Corridale.

This is not nearly including a few tons of "for charity" knits I'm contemplating as well. *sigh*

And I lost a darn two pound spool of medium, white wool top along with a spool of medium brown wool and I have this terrible feeling I threw them away or something. More likely I gave it away when I really think about it and I have more dropdead gorgeous merino in my boxes than I really have any right to.

Updated 9/12/2006 with things that are done.
Tags: knitting, spinning

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