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A Pleasant Surprise

John got a book called Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss. I hate diets and stuff. I always thought that the main thing was to eat less, exercise more, but the first "myth" on the table of contents was that very one.

True. When I was playing soccer like a maniac, doing 90 minutes worth of wind sprints twice a week, I actually gained weight. Mostly muscle weight, and I felt fantastic and fit, then, when I wasn't just aching from getting hit by balls and people. I just haven't really taken those ten pounds I gained off ever since, even though it's been nearly ten years (1998 is when I got my acl replaced, I think.) I was up to 172 in the stress-crazy days right before my July vacation and I didn't like that. I'd managed to get down to 169 during the vacation while happily eating all the teriyaki and seafood I could get my hands on. :-) But that was about my last ten year average and I'd never managed to get to much less stick to anything even three pounds below that in all that time.

I read just the myths part of it, and from it I figured I'd try what seemed to be the three things that made the most sense. Make sure I eat at *least* 1800 kcals a day, make sure I eat a good breakfast, and try my best to not eat anything significantly caloric in the two hours before going to bed. I wasn't nearly perfect at it. I think I missed one breakfast, and had one ice cream dessert before going to bed in the last three weeks. I also kind of kept in mind that it's better to have whole anything than processed anything and when I had a choice, I'd try the whole/fresh thing. Fiber good. Good fats good (omega3 whole eggs, avocados, nuts as much as I needed to feel full). But it felt really half-assed with regards to a diet.

It's only been three weeks. Uhm... and, yeah, I haven't been weighing myself mostly because I didn't think that anything significant was going to happen. I got on the scales this morning and it read 163.4. I had to get off, try it again, and the digital scale repeated itself patiently. 163.4.

Wow. Now the thing is to see if I actually keep it off...

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