Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Same But Different

So the weather has turned. 70-80 degree days with 40 degree nights and the bite is in the air. The trees are turning yellow and gold and russet, and the kids are climbing in them and shaking down the "dead leaves" as Jet says. He said he was doing the tree a favor as he climbed it this morning while we were waiting for the bus.

"We're early, Jet."

"What does early mean, Mom?"* Jet asked, and peered at the empty stop. "Hey! We're first!"

"That's what it means, Jet. Being early means that we're first."


Then, "Being early is like being late, right Mom?" asked Jet as we crossed the street.

"Kinda, but they're like opposites. Like tall and short are opposites but talk about the same thing."

"Oh." He trotted over to the tree and dropped his backpack. "I like being early, I can climb the tree!"

And up he swung himself on nothing but the strength of his arms and wedging one foot thoroughly in the crotch of the tree. I didn't try to catch him or hold him as I knew he'd be grumpy about that, but my little guy is now climbing trees well taller than him just 'cause the other kids do it too.

* Yes, that does mean that we've probably never been early to anything before, which is why Jet doesn't know the meaning of early... :-)
Tags: fall, jet

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