Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet Being Jet

A couple of kids came over for an hour or two in the evening, when their parents had to be out for work stuff. And we were playing the Lego's Starwars game that was based on episodes one through three, that's the Anakin series, for those that care.

The boy of the pair was playing around in the cantina as Anakin Skywalker, in the black, and he was using his light saber to repeatedly try and kill his partner. The kids, for a while, all thought it was pretty funny, even Jet, who was the partner in question at that point. On the PlayStation 2, the two controllers can be the two main characters. Jet's just started playing with John and I and, for a while, he'd been very happy just playing backup. He and I, just last night, started playing "his game", where he gets to do what he wants, and I let him set the goals and agendas and where the heck it is we go. We'd been playing my game and John's game and both of us had gotten mildly frustrated when Jet really wanted to do his own thing and wouldn't let us do ours. So we decided he'd have his own game.

Anyway... the boy visitor, who is normally rather competitive anyway, was just trying, over and over to kill Jet's character, and then any robot at all that happened along. Most of the robots are bad guys anyway, but Jet's taken a liking to the itty, bitty robot with a single orange round for a face that comes in the very first scene in the very first episode. Those little guys don't attack anything, they just stride about the floor of the first scene. They walk a lot like Jet walks. "He's cute!" Jet says. And so Jet kept becoming that completely defenseless little droid and when the boy started attacking other robots, Jet would actually go and stand between Anakin and the robot being attacked. Of course, Jet's little robot died every time, as he had no defenses at all.

But Jet would cheer about the fact that the robot that was being attacked, had not been hurt because his little droid had taken all the damage.

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