Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Weekend

It was good, on the most part.

It's definitely fall. Nip in the air and all that. 60's yesterday and some friends had a barbecue birthday party for their one year old. Jet only had a cake for this first year birthday, and turned Smurf like. It was good, thought, just to see them. Jet had a blast, playing with nearly everything in the yard, and trying stuff out and ignoring the dogs, on the most part. He wasn't afraid of them, but they were bigger than he is, and he just didn't think about them one way or another.

Friday was our usual, Jet and Mom errand day, running to the library, the yarn shop, and other things. He had a lot of fun showing off his socks to everyone. I got started on Cathie's Clapotis, and the colors of the Navajo ply are coming out beautifully.

Autumn Clapotis
Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.

It turned out more colorful than I thought it would. If you do go to the flickr picture, next to it is the very close up shot of the fabric itself, and what the colors look like under a flash. Meep! *grin*

Saturday was supposed to be stormy, but it started out sunny and clear as a bell. When we went to the farmer's market, though, it was blowing hard and raining like crazy. Some of the tents folks had up blew over in the wind and whacked some folks hard enough that there was a lot of swearing. One of the farmers just shrugged, put his tents down, and just sold stuff standing in the rain. His family was huddled up in the truck, but he was fine with it. I was in shorts, and my legs dry faster than any pants, so I did okay. Jet, however, with his smaller body mass, really needed to be out of the wind and in the car. So John took him there, and I bought the stuff I could find.

We just mostly played, knit, spun, read, computered, and other stuff for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning was the first time the church opened up the new areas. Also, the adult education class was about reincarnation and how it relates to Christianity. The guy speaking was a Methodist minister, and over the years, has become an expert in past life therapy. It's intriguing. Found out that Emperor Justinian(?) and the Council of Constantinople pretty much pulled all the obvious bits about reincarnation out of the New Testament and declared it an anathema. Interesting to realize that about how the church history really dictated the way the religion played out. Since Rome claimed Christianity as a state religion, a lot of stuff was done simply to control the population of the time. Just as with Buddhism, and other state religions, the accepted texts of Christianity were altered, edited, and changed to reflect the needs of the state.

So, for at least this instructor, reincarnation really went well with his Christian beliefs. And it was fun to explore how he first got into it. He spoke, a lot, about various folks who were victims of various kinds of killings, about his own regressions. It did make me wonder about the killers as well.

I'm glad it's Monday and I get my massage tonight.

One very cool thing is that Crown Mountain Farms wrote me back to tell me that my yarn was perfect and they'd love to have me spin for them when I have the time again. So we'll see.
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