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Last night, after my massage session, I came home to find five kids and two Dads all about to be fed. *grin* I'd managed to get a big pot of beef stew into the oven at lunch time, and it was plenty for everyone with a few packets of ramen to fill in and a big loaf of bread.

It was good, if a bit chaotic. Loudness on the part of any of the kids would get echoed and escalated nearly instantaneously. The two Dads did a great job of squashing feedback like that. Then John left for a meeting, and Dean took the girls for their bath. I had the boys.

I only had to threaten a time out once, and that after a third "oopsie" from the newest kid when he "accidentally" dropped something from the second floor to the first. I made it very clear that if it happened again, accident or not, he'd get a two minute time out.

I hate disciplining other people's kids. I really, really do, but there's a certain point past which it is just NOT acceptable to do certain things. So it is, I guess.
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