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A Good Visit

My parents were here from last Wednesday until today, when the boys took them off to the airport while I went to work. It was good, despite the fact that John had meetings he had to do in order to write the sermon on Sunday and I had the painting class and stuff. In fact, it worked out really well, as we could both go do those things while my parents had some alone time with Jet.

Jet had school, too, so they got breaks where they could just amble around our neighborhood, do a bit of shopping, and have time to do their own thing, which was cool too.

All in all, it was good to have them visit and see how Jet is now.

Thursday I raced home on my bike to try and catch the bus, but didn't make it. Tonya saw me riding home, and she said, "Between me and the grandparents, the grandparents won." *grin*

It was blustery on Thursday. Jet saw a bunch of wrapped presents in my parents' room and he asked them, "Do you have presents?" Hee. He got to open his, and the first three were a pair of shoes, pants, and a shirt. He looked at the fourth and said, "I hope it's a toy!" *grin*

It was. It was a chess, checkers, and Chinese checkers game, all built into one. It was the hit of the week, and Jet happily played Chinese checkers and all the other games with his Gung Gung. Dad has fun, too, so that was cool, even when Jet started crying at some of his pieces getting taken. He was just crying because he was tired and trying so hard to win.

Mom made dinner Wednesday and Thursday. It was gratefully received.

Friday was a bit road trip up into the mountains, along the Peak to Peak highway. We went up to see the aspens turning, and we got some pretty spectacular shows up there. That was fun. Instead of eating up in in the mountains, we went back down along Boulder Creek and ended up at the China Gourmet, which had some very nice lunch specials. We spent most of the afternoon just playing at the house. Jet liked showing his grandparents the Lego Star Wars game, too.

I made dinner Friday night. Part of it was the pesto I'd made that day as I'd cut down the whole jungle of basil I'd grown out in my container box. I may just pull it all up and reseed for growing indoors. I'll have to think about it. I made four batches, each with the following in it:
4 cups lightly packed basil leaves
1 clove raw garlic
3 cloves pan roasted garlic
1/4 cup freshly toasted pine nuts
a sprinkle of salt
less than 1 cup extra virgin olive oil

I just put everything but the olive oil in the food processor, added about 1/4 cup of the olive oil and then got it going for a bit. I stopped it, scraped it all down and then added enough evoo until it was as wet as I wanted it. I froze the first three batches in a silicon muffin tin, so they'd pop out easily. The last batch I mixed with 1 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese. I gave half to our neighbor and we kept half and used some of it on our salmon and I've been eating Green Eggs for breakfast ever since.

Saturday was meeting day for John and I so they went out shopping and Jet got to slide down the HUGE firetruck slide five times! *grin* We mostly played for the afternoon and evening. Dinner was at Casa Alverez and everyone stuffed themselves happily on Mexican food.

Sunday was gorgeous, and we all went to church and got to hear the next section on the reincarnation class. Then John did part of the sermon as a trialoge. That was very intriging.

Then we went home, had lunch, packed up and headed for the Denver Bontanical Gardens. It was a blast. The weather was in the mid-70's and no wind, clear and bright out. We walked everywhere. Jet led the way with the map, pointing out the direction to go. That was very cool, and he seemed to feel the responsibility happily. He was pretty proud of leading us here and there, and the plants were utterly spectacular in their fall colors.

From there we hit the Pacific Ocean Market, where Mom and Dad helped me find a few things. Since it was just 4, we headed home so that they could have a nap. Jet and I played a bit of the Lego game, and then we all headed to Saigon Express for dinner. Oops. They were closed on Sundays. I then decided we'd just go back south to right by the Pacific Ocean Market to a place called Pho Duy, and we did. The food there was excellent, and Mom and Dad were very happy with their food and the fact that Jet ate a bowl and a half of noodles and soup himself. So it was a big success. *grin*

Mom and Dad said that they had fun, and the shorter visit was probably easier on them. So that was all to the good.


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