Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sarakate's Yarn

sarakate gave me a very, very cool commission in a very nicely constructed sock yarn.

It started with the mohair, which was to be a quarter of the fiber in the yarns. The pictures are the raw mohair from the left through to the teal stuff on the right.

Raw Mohair Fleece Clean Brushed Mohair Teal Mohair

She also picked a gorgeous roving (from Windwools, colorway 'peacock') to go with it:
Windwools Peacock Wool

Then I blended them together and pulled a pre-draft ball:
Wool Mohair Mix

Finally, two shots of the S-plied skein, one close up, the other further away for the overall effect:
The S-ply skein SaraKate's 1st Skein of Yarn

The coolest part of the commission comes next, in that I get to do the other skein the other way. Spin the singles S and then ply them together Z. That's opposite of nearly all the other spinning I've done, so it should be fun.
Tags: spinning, yarn

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