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Finally got the compter rebuilt and am getting things back on it. The registry failed, and then chunks of the OS. So John stripped it down and replaced just the OS, so that we could get all the data off, and then he reimaged the whole thing. We pretty much kept the original image on one partition, so that it would be easy if we needed to.

And it's been easy enough. It's also been kind of nice to start with a clean software slate, and just put on the software and tools that we're actually using anymore. That's been very cool.

Restored all my picture, but I'm still missing my Canan photo software, I think I left the CD at work. So it is. I'll have to get that up, too.

The weekend's been nice. Busy, but nice. Jet and I had fun on Friday running around getting to do the library and stuff and then I baked two breads for the Immigration talk for the Lay Clergy Institute at our church. A Hispanic preacher talking about immigration. I guess our church definitely doesn't ignore the hot topics, especially since about a quarter of Longmont is Hispanic and it's a growing population.

Jet did surprise me by saying he wanted to eat at Noodles and Company because it was his favorite and McDonald's serves food that is bad for you. *blink*blink* Well, wherever he finally got that from I'm grateful. We had noodles and a good afternoon at the library, Borders (I got my beekeeping book!! Yay!), and the yarn shop. The lady who owns Knit One, Purl Two asked for a picture of the Clapotis when it's done! Which was a very big egoboo.

Saturday was sleep in morning, and then we did the big Boulder Autumn Festival. The trees are all bright yellow, orange, and a few flashes of dark red amid the evergreens. There were lots of art booths all up and down the Pearl Street Mall and we looked in all of them. We only bought some Kettle Corn and I then hit the Lush on Pearl. It's been a while since I bought Lush products, I guess the novelty has worn off now that they're local, and the perfume amounts got a bit excessive for a while. But the Woosh! shower jelly isn't that bad, and I love Sonic Death Monkey all to pieces. I also couldn't resist a piece of Mango bath melt, and with the 'cold' season coming my hands have been chapping badly, so I got some Helping Hands. I like the "almost strawberry" scent better than the almond smoothie scent of Smitten.

The farmer's market was also open, and I bought a whole lot more from than than I probably should have. But it's fall and butternut squash is perfect for this season, especially with the onions I'm digging up from my garden. We got bread, apple cider, and mole tamales. Mmm... and we ended up with big bowls of potstickers with spicy peanut sauce and a large mango smoothie that we all shared for lunch. We also ended up with tans a few shades darker than when we'd left the house in the morning.

We ate cauliflower for dinner, in a big gratin. There was BBQ chicken and a nice bread from the farmer's market on the side, but mostly it was the gratin. :-)

Today I had to make coffee, so we got up really early, hit IHOP for breakfast, and then I went to church and made coffee. Jet sold chocolate and wrapping paper, and got another dozen folks to help his school out. I was amazed. He has no self-conciousness at all about going up to everyone and asking them if they want to buy something. Wow. It's amazing to watch.

I ended up having to clean up after all the snacks and coffee, too. Folks haven't been signing up to do snacks, because it involves the cleanup after, too. But they *have* been dropping cakes, cookies, breads, fruit, and other things in the fridge marked "For Fellowship"! So the poor coffee makers have to do setup, coffee, AND cleanup. It's not quite fair.

Ah well, I had lots of help, which was good.

Then we went home, had some lunch, and then Jet played Sponge Bob until it got "too hard" for him, and then he asked me to play. *grin*

Then, at 5, we left for my birthday dinner at Sushi Hanna. Yeah, my birthday is really tomorrow, but I have a massage and John has a class, so we decided to have the dinner tonight. Jet was all excited and wanted me to open my presents as soon as possible! *grin* He got me the Episodes 3-6 Star Wars Lego game for the PS2, and John bought me my roving carding machine! Woohoo!! My sister Kathy was the only one that got me a box on time, with Prachett's Wintersmith!! Woo!

I'm very happy.

We had ice cream afterwards, and Jet was punch drunk with excitement about the whole evening. I said I didn't want ice cream at the Japanese restaurant because I didn't want ginger or green tea ice cream, and Jet wrinkled up his nose, "Tin pea ice cream?" He laughed and laughed....

Grin. It's good having a little boy.
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